Tuesday, August 31, 2010

love is in the air!

bet that caught your attention, huh?! :)

Well, it is!
From my super sweet daughter.
She loves me.
She told me so.

Yep. she finally said those three little words I've been dying to hear!

I was putting her down to bed, and I told her goodnight and I love you like I always do.. but, this time she said it back! Totally took me off guard. I got soo excited and just ran back to her. Even made my eyes a little watery ;) Pretty sure I was more excited by her saying that than when she went to the potty!! Haha!
And then! The next day I went to get her from her nap and she was just laying in her bed, as soon as I walked in I got "love you"... soooo sweet!
I could get used to this :)

(I'm sure some kids say "love you" way sooner than 20 months, but girlfriend didn't. So, I'm just loving that she is now!) :)

I tried sneaking in my camera in the dark so she wouldn't know and get distracted... didn't quite work.

Just thought this one was cute and fun, love the ending :)

this little girls laugh just makes my heart smile!

Friday, August 27, 2010

water babies

So, I planned on having this post done days ago, but, school has taken over my computer time.

-100 points for school.

Well, better late than never.
And, I have several other post that I'm just waiting to do also!
Hopefully I will get on a good routine soon :)

So, sometime last week (its been so long now, I can't even remember :) we had a little swim/pizza date with Natalie and Lola. It was a nice change to just be able to relax and let the girls run around and not worry about causing a scene in public, heehee :)

(I know its way blurry, but I thought it was cute anyway)grapes anyone? :)the one and only time Aubrey shared that night. Love Lola's face!! Aubrey was being a bit stingy with the water hose!tricycles in the pool? hmm..
sweet friends :)

Natalie has some other really cute ones!! Check em out :)

And, I don't know if its just me (probably not!), but these pics just do not seem very good at all!! Like, the quality.
I don't know what's up with that? Surely hope my camera isn't about to give out on me...
Mostly because I desperately want a new, nice camera. You know, one of the fancy-shmancy ones :) So, I can't have my point and shoot die on me now.
Good thing my birthday is coming up.. hint hint everyone.. ;)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

lots of pics and fun stuff!

I must warn, this post is going to be a little picture heavy.
I don't think anyone minds that though, right? :)

this past saturday, mom, sarah and i helped robert pack up and move away.
to school.. in arkansas!
robert was pretty excited, and i couldn't believe how much stuff he didn't take! guys.. ha!
i was totally impressed with the school, as soon as we parked and opened our doors about 3-4 people rushed over and started unpacking all his stuff. i think we got everything done in 2 rounds? amazing!! robert showed us around campus while mom organized all his stuff.
really funny, robert and his roommate (who he didn't know) had the same exact bedding, same exact poster, both had their guitars in the cases next to each other, and the same Toms! robert said "he's me.." lol! and, neither of them have ever had to share a room... so, this should be intersting :)
oh, he is going to Ouachita Baptist University. I don't think he could have picked a more perfect school for him! And, his girlfriend is there too.. i'm sure that had nothing to do with it ;)

digging into his food stash already.. thought this was funny.. this is one of the girls windows.. if you can't tell, that would be Edward! Haha!
We'll miss you!

While we were there, we stayed at a B&B.. that was actually a part of the across-the-street school, Henderson State.
It was beautiful!
As we were coming up on it, I started to say how pretty that house was and at the same time my mom said that's where we were staying.. I was excited! :)

The porch was sooo big. loved the big window!
our bedroom. (it had a little living room area too, very nice) not so much into all the decor per se, but, there were some details that i did love. especially the quilt on the bed! it was exactly what I am looking for.. think they'd sell it to me?? :) at the breakfast table they had this little itty bitty tabascos. i just thought they were so cute :)

can I have this house, please??

the doings of aunt sarah:

so silly :)

which, within 5 minutes aubrey took each and every bow off. i don't think i blame her though!

So.. great news! Totally paci free!!!! yippee!! No more keeping up with those darn things :)
Her dad apparently kept up his end because he said he never gave it to her.. and she hasn't wanted (or needed) it since she's been home either. AND, she even went down in her bed no problemo!! Honestly, I'm a little shocked at how easy this was. I really thought this was going to be a battle! Guess not- thank you Jesus!! :)

And, at her dad's he said he could tell she was in mid-potty, so he rushed her to the bathroom where she did a little bitty tinkle in the potty! Finally!
Which, brings me to my fun and exciting news:
Aubrey moved up to the 2 year old room Monday!!
That room seems so much "older" than her 1 year old room. Its so cute though! They were going with the way schools do grades and ages, thats why she moved now instead of December when she turns 2. I'm happy though- they do potty training in there! They have the cutest little toilet that is about 6 inches of the ground! lol!
So, since I was off monday I got to take her to her class- yayay!
Aubrey woke up a little upset (which was weird) so I got her out and thought I'd take her to the potty to distract her, well, it kinda worked. I sat her down and she just kinda layed/hugged on me half asleep, BUT, she went potty!!! I think we're making progress people! :)
I'm definitely not forcing or being too pushy with it all, she is only 20 months, but, she obviously is showing interest, so I'm going with it!

Leaving for her new class!

yes, I was the dorky mom with the camera, whatev.
(trying to get a pic of her by her name on the table- didn't really happen, obviously)checking out her friends name..playing with her friend Kaydance. They look alot alike, its funny. (can't tell in this pic though, sorry) checking out all the new stuff!On our way home from a great day!
And... I'm starting my full semester today.
Wish me luck.. lot's of math and science.
this is gonna stink.


Friday, August 20, 2010

the shirt says it all.

oh my my my my my.

aubrey is definitely pushing her boundaries lately.

sometimes its pretty funny, sometimes, not so much.

she likes to push things now.
if she doesn't want something, or someone, it gets a nice little shove.
she for sure knows what she's doing. yesterday, we were sitting at the table while she ate, and i'm not sure what our "argument" was about, but, she had a glass of milk (with no lid, a real cup) sitting in front of her, so in her defiance she looked at me then gave it a nice little push. but, a real light push because she new what would happen if she pushed any harder. trouble.
that's her thing now, pushing. yay...

one of the funny times though, i was sitting on the couch, and really just being an instigator, i put my foot out mid air. not in her way, not even bothering her. but all of a sudden, it was in her way and it was bothering her. so, she stood in front of me whining and grunting. swatting my foot. pulling out all the dramatics. pretty good show really :) the best part, she purposefully walked her big belly right into my foot and whimpered because she couldn't get past it. really? i'm so sure.
(pretty darn funny though)

this girl wears me out.

so, wednesday night, natalie and i took the girls to eat, all was going well.. until..
until aubrey wanted out of the highchair. she kept saying "down", I kept saying "no, and we all know that's a problem. well, she had had enough! she looked at me and with all she had grunted real hard then pointed her little finger right in my face and yelled "momma!" in total ugliness. me and natalie couldn't help but bust out laughing! it was bad though. i guess she thought natalie needed a good talkin' to because she got 'pointed' to too! ha!
she tried it again when we were in the car. i didn't laugh that time.
those little shenanigans carried through the night. so, into bed we went. and, before i go on, i know i know, why do i let aubrey sleep with me?? well, because i like it sometimes :) and, i never have any problem with her sleeping in her bed, sometimes i just want to cuddle with her.
so there (natalie!) :)
well, unbelievably, we had a break through that night! for some reason, i just decided to not give her her paci and see what happened. i was prepared for a fight.. but, it never came!! she fake cried for like 30 seconds while feeling in my hands for it, but, i just kept talking to her in a happy voice and she forgot about it. now, i will say, it did take quite a bit longer to fall asleep. she seriously sat/layed (laid?) on my back and "talked" for 15 minutes straight. babble babble momma, babble babble duck, babble babble shoe... she just jabbered and threw in every word she new. it was sooo super cute! then she fell asleep. then i took her to her bed :)
and, she went the whole next day without it too! yay!
(i did give it to her the next night, ONLY because marvin ended up needing to watch aubrey right at bedtime, and i didn't want her to fuss with out me being there. although, i really do think she would have done fine with out it.. darnit. and, now she's at her dads so hopefully he's following through with the no paci?!)
(marvin had to watch her because we all needed to go see my grandmother, who did end up passing that night. please be praying for my mom, thanks.)

i'd say that's pretty promising for no-more-paci's!!

i was trying to get a pic of her in that shirt, since it was sooo fitting for that night.
and, of course, she wasn't cooperating.
what are the odds??

i asked her to look at me..
she looks like a well-fed gymnast ;)look at that belly! i seriously sometimes think it might just pop!thanks for the smile.. (got these pj's on clearance at target, pretty sure they are from the 4th, but, couldn't pass those up.
obviously that had aubrey's name written all over them!) :)

leaving tomorrow for arkansas! my brother is moving off to college..
i didn't think i was old enough to have a brother in his second year of college??

be back with some exciting news!! :)

i do soooo much love my little baby.
independence and all.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week in Review

I think that needs to be my title from now on..
considering I seem to only blog once a week now..
on a good week!
Why have I been slacking??
Hmm, oh well. It is what it is. :)

So, to start things off, this past Sunday I attended a super cute-o baby shower for Mommy-to-Be Morgan, who will be welcoming Sophia Brooke in September! Can't wait to meet this little girl!

I went with an all purple theme :) I forgot how fun it is to buy baby stuff! And, in just a year and a half there was already some new cool stuff that I wish-I-had-but-have-no-use-for-now, ha!

Seriously, 7 weeks left and look how amazing she looks!!

So, little Miss Thang has been real into writing/drawing. Which is totally cool.. except when I go in her room and find this!!
Pink pen on the rocking chair and ottoman. Lovely.(luckily, I got it off!)
Needless to say, I wasn't really thrilled (and also wondering where she got said pen...) and as I was documenting evidence, Aubrey wanted my camera.. which led to this..

Isn't she just a joy??
(she likes to arch her back back and walk backwards.. I guess that means I'll give in. right..)
This has been an almost daily occurrence.. for a couple of months now! Its getting worse as the days go on. Help!! If you so much as hint to "no", be prepared for a break down!
Let's no even talk about brushing teeth.. full on war...
I mean really, she's not even 2 yet.. I was supposed to get a happy child until at least 2..


BUT, there is a but!, when she is happy (which really is like 95% of the time) she couldn't be happier!
Natalie and I decided to brave this dang Texas heat (come on fall!!) and go down to the pond with the girlies.
We met up about 11am hoping to not completely melt, uh, sure.
I knew there were some new baby ducks (the nest was at our house! It was so fun to come home one day and see the eggs had hatched and there were like 10 baby ducks, so cute!) so we were on the hunt to go see them. Which we did. I think I was more excited than the girls, they only cared for about 5 seconds.
Oh well. They just wanted to run around, didn't they now it was already 100 degrees out, literally!
Poor girls, Lola's face was so read and Aubrey was drenched in sweat. Gross..
Aubrey checking out the ducks in the little creekShe was "quacking"!
But, I did get this picture, which could be the sweetest ever.

Afterward we went and got some lunch at good ol CFA, then we went home for some showers and gooodd llooonnnggg naps! Naps is plural because I got one too- yayayay!! :)

Lastly, yesterday the fam went out to eat to CiCi's and Aubrey devoured some pasta. It was all over her.. even her shoes? It was all good though because I was planning on letting her play in the sprinkler when we got home, ya know, to hose her down :)
I remembered that I bought some chalk from Target on clearance, 4 jumbo pieces for $1.24- nice! A couple were already cracked, but who cared? She was going to break them anyway! haha. So, I gave her the tip off of one that was already broken.. she loved it!
(Remember her liking to draw?)
Doesn't she write so good? ;) She would make a mark, take 2 steps, make a mark, etc. She even tried coloring the grass :)

And, her foot.

She kept laying on the porch.. what a weirdo.She looks so big like this :(Can you see the chalk in her hair? She's so sweet :)
Rub-a-dub.. this girl got a good scrub!! :)

Hope everyone is having a good week!