Thursday, July 29, 2010

another good one

Well, this past weekend was also really good!
friday night: rock climbing!
Me and Lauren waiting for her 2 other friends to get there
Trying to psych myself up to start climbing!
(I've been climbing before, but for some reason I was sooo nervous this time!
It was ridiculous actually.)
I had the harness on, but it was not connected to anything.
this is what you call "bouldering". This was actually my second time up that wall, the first one I stayed in that position, oh for about a lifetime! couldn't quite convince myself to push myself over!
Just put a big "L" on my forehead :)

But, I did it! yayay! haha!
Lauren showing off her mad skills.
After you make it over the wall you get to go down this insanely fast slide!
By the end of the night our hands were in so much pain. just pathetic.

Saturday, I have no pictures, but, Sarah, Collin and I made a stop in Corsicana for some antiquing and lunch! There are some pretty cool store there! I'm sure I'll be going back :)
That night, Lauren finally convinced me to go swing dancing with her! I must admit, I don't think I'm quite cut out for it. I'm so used to country dancing where there aren't really that many steps and you slide alot, versus swing where there are tons of steps and coordination! HA! I'll give myself an A for effort though! :) It was fun, glad I went!

Well, that bout does it for that weekend! I already know this coming one will be packed again!!
And.. can anyone believe its about to be August?! Geeze.. time is flying!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yay for weekends! :)

Well, this was one great, packed and long weekend!! Heads up, this post is heavy on pictures! :)

To start it off, Friday night I went from this:
I'll tell ya, pretty nervous about cutting what length I did have! But, loving the new 'do!
The, Saturday I had to go in to work for a bit due to a big order. Mom brought Aubrey up to me, and Sarah and Collin decided to come out. So, when I was done Sarah and I and the kiddies went around Grapevine and Southlake to garage sales, then to Grapevines Main St.- loooveee it there!
Did buy something cool at one of the sales.. needs a little TLC and then I'll show it! :)
Went to Main St. and stopped at Weinberger's Delicatessen for lunch! Never been, but, it was good! Basically a fancy sandwich shop, little pricey I thought ($9ish for sandwich, chips and drink). Offers alot of meats and cheeses that aren't the run of the mill!
Even Aubrey liked it! :)

Wheat bread, turkey, lettuce, mayo, cheddar and avocado! Yummmy! :)

Next stop: Cassie's Frozen Yogurt!
I think my favorite thing about it- Cake Batter yogurt!! Tasted just like it! :)
It also had a lot of other fun flavors, Cinnamon Bun, Hawaiian Delight, Pina Colada..

These pictures will speak for themselves at how much Aubrey enjoyed it.

I think this needs to be a part of their advertisements!
Now back down the street to the Farmers Market (all of this located on Main!)
Playing on the steps of the gazebo while Sarah shopped.
Collin made friends with the "oats" guy.. he was making oatmeal :)
Entertained him for quite a while!!
(I love how he still holding his plane! ha!)
Aubrey watching him.
Back to the steps... which entertained her for quite a while!
Back home, showered and napped! Just got back from the Single Parents Night at church.
She loves that baby!
Sunday morning Aubrey walked up to my bed with the camera and said "cheese".. and this is how she posed. Nice.
Cleaned up for church!
After church we left the kids with Grandma, while us sisters went out!
First place, Junkadoodle! Really neat place, but, pretty pricey on some stuff, especially since I could compare some things to other antique places. They had a lot of art, one painting I really wanted!! About $400 though. So, didn't get it :) I did buy a cream and yellow decorative tile though! :) Cool place though, I'd go back!
After that, we walked down the street a bit to Eden Pastry & Restaurant.
Yes, it was in a house, that was turned into a restaurant. (located on Lovers Lane)
We split a Cheesecake Brownie..
And, the special of the day, Four Berry Cobbler- yum!

Me and Emily :)
Cute and fun little place.

Then, Monday, we slept in! yayay! Then got ready for our day, which included going to lunch and a bunch of other stores! Got a great deal on an 16x20 matte for $1.50!! Heck yeah! :)
I will show my finished product that includes that matte hopefully within the next couple of days! :)
It was a great weekend like I said. Lots of new places and great finds!

Hope everyone else had a good one!! :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We're Crazy.

Well, hello.

I know, I've been a little MIA again.. oops.

In recent news, Aubrey had her second week over at her dads. It was slightly easier this time. Slightly. The best part was is that she was sooo happy to see me when I picked her up! Yay!! And, she has been such a Momma's girl ever since. She'll barely go to anyone else- my mom is a little offended. Ha. But, I told her that she now knows how I felt when Aubrey was allll about Grandma! lol.
She is just a jibber-jabber too! I'll have to get video of one of her "conversations", won't be long till I actually understand what she's saying :)
Speaking of talking, right after I did the post of what she says, Aubrey started saying tons more! Let's add: School, Aubrey, Thank You, Apple, Go, and Stop It (she did not get that from me! ...) Now, all of those are not crystal clear, but, you can definitely know what she's saying! Super cute-o! :)

OH! And.. I started school!!! Summer II is underway! And, all signed up for the fall!! Not gonna lie, little nervous about the fall... just don't know how work, school and a kid all go together?! I know its done all the time, so hopefully it be a smooth transition :) Let the fun begin.. !!

The other day I let Aubrey play in the rain.. wasn't really raining that hard, and, my pics didn't come out super great.. but, got a couple decent ones :)
SO wish this one wasn't blurry!!
Trying to catch the drops :) The day Aubrey left for her dads, we had a little play date before hand! One of my long-lost friends was in town from Oklahoma, and she brought along her two little girlies! I haven't been able to meet the newest, so I was excited. The last time I saw her was a little over a year ago!!
Carrie, Aubrey and baby KateCuties :)I have never seen Aubrey act this way toward any baby, but, she was all about Kate!!
She patted her, as if trying to get her to sleep.. Just hanging out.. Oh my. :) And, I promise Alycia.. I will be emailing you the pics soon!! :) Thanks for coming over, great to see y'all!!

The other night, Collin was in such a great mood and was so willing to take pictures, which is a major rarity! So, I took full advantage!
1. Collin looks so darn cute. 2. Aubrey cracks me up! She looks like she has been forced against her will to be in the picture!
She kept hitting him with that..
Collin asked if he could take some pictures, so, I let him.
From the eye of a 5 year old:

A fan.
The dogs back.
Me doing laundry. I had to stoop to even be in the shot.
Aubrey's crib.And, a picture of himself! Lol!
Out at the Allen Outlets, me and sweet Caden. Chunkster :)
Going for a ride! (I have a picture of his brother in a little car, I'll need to get it on this comp to compare- so cute!)

That's all I got. :)