Monday, November 29, 2010


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I just love the time of year, all the yummy food and being around the family, and of course remembering all your thankful for :)

I am soooo thankful for this little girl, in her crazy-every-pattern outfit going to the store with Papa.
Yep, she went in public like this.
On Thanksgiving. :)Thanksgiving was done a little different this year. And by a little, I mean completely. My mom has been sick for a couple of weeks now, not really sure what's going on, supposedly some virus? So, on Wednesday mom decides she's just not going to be up to making all the food and all that, and plus she isn't really eating. So instead of just doing dinner with my dad, we do lunch and Sarah cooks for us all at her house. And, it actually came out good!
As long as I get my sweet potatoes, I'm good! :)

Collin and Aubrey starting to dig in.

I don't think she's too sure... G-Daddy & AubreyPlaying a little football, of course ;)Emmy & CollinSince we didn't start lunch till about 1:30, which was already an hour past naptime..
by the time 3:00 hit, Little Miss was done.

Approximately 3 minutes into the car ride home.

While Aubrey took a nap with Grandma, us sisters hit the town shopping! Got a couple deals at Old Navy and then they did a little scouting at Wal-Mart. Sarah and Emily went back at midnight, I did not.
We also went to a dollar movie :)

It was a great day of relaxing and nothing that had to be done, my favorite.

And, this whole weekend has been nice! Back to the grind in the morning though.. boo.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and break!! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

sweet love

Just want to share some pictures of my little sweetie-petey, who was in such a photogenic mood! Love it when that happens.

Her favorite thing lately is to gather up all her "babies", blankets and pillows, and climb up into the rocker. She'll just hold them and rock them, and it really is just so cute :)

Her crazy smile.
Can't really tell from the front, but, I straightened her hair! I was curious to see how long it would be straight, which it definitely did add some length.. but, I for sure like it better curly. :)

Within about 2 hours it had already started to curl back up. By morning, all curls.
So much for that. :)
That's all I got.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall-la-la-la.. Fall is oficially here!

Yayayay! My favorite time of year is finally here: cool weather, "winter" clothes, holidays, pretty colors, and of course- pumpkin!! I do love me some good pumpkin.. anything! Yum :)
Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday (good food, lazy day with the fam, and the ever contemplating of Black Friday shopping.. which is usually a no for me!) I really just can't believe we're already 9 days into November! Seriously?! Wow..
Which means Christmas is right around the corner. I think I have about 2 stocking stuffers for Aubrey. I should probably get a move on things.. yikes! And, if Christmas is coming, that means Aubrey's birthday is too!! Have absolutely nothing ready for that.. except a bunch of ideas that I need to make come to life. Pretty sure the next month is going to FLY by. Yep. I'm about to have a 2 year old.
(I secretly am excited about her turning 2. She's so fun.) :)

These pics were taken the other day. She just looked so darn comfy and was in such a sweet mood. She loves her baby. Baby goes everywhere with us. Every so often I look at Aubrey and it hits me she's changing again. Just all of a sudden she just looks different. Dare I say.. older..?? laughing at who-knows-what?? She was so slap-happy! Tickling me.. so daintily. :) If anyone noticed, yes, that is an over-sized Old Navy 4th of July shirt. I knew it would be a great comfy shirt for her. And, it was .23 cents. Yep, less than a stinkin quarter!! I told the cashier that I'm pretty sure that was the cheapest thing I have ever bought. Craziness. Nothin' but the best for my baby! Haha!! :)

I feel sorry for her future husband ;)
And, that black thing by her head.. her cell phone. Can't miss those important calls ya know!
In other news, I'm going to be crippled by age 30.
Yes, apparently my spine is degenerating and I need to seek immediate help. That will take 8 months and cost over $2,000. So says the chiropractor I've seen a couple of times now.
Let me preface all this.. roughly 4 weeks ago my lower back started hurting. Some days more than others, nothing I couldn't handle, just kinda annoying. Well, fast forward to my birthday, it was really starting to hurt! I could hardly carry Aubrey. On Wednesday, I was barely moving faster than a snail. All movements were torture. So, called this place I'd been hearing on the radio (Christian station mind you), they get me and and take some x-rays. I go back the next day for an adjustment.. then go back again Saturday for them to go over my x-rays and do another adjustment. That's a lot of appts. already! Well, I will say, everything the Dr. said did make sense, and I don't doubt his knowledge or really even his method, so.. basically you're supposed to have different curves throughout your spine.. well, my neck has almost no curve and neither does my lower back. That apparently is a problem. So, since the nerves in my neck are being bothered, those nerves are not being able to properly signal the rest of my spine.. therefore back pain. Or something like that. :) In order to correct this and get a curve back, I will have to go 3xweek for 12 weeks, 2xwk for 12 weeks then 1xwk for 8 weeks. Plus, $2,200.
Now, I know everyone is freaking and saying "SCAM!", maybe so, but, I have done a little research and I have read everything he said. So.. this could actually be a true. BUT, I don't have $2,200 or all that time!! I plan on getting a second opinion, and really, just need a quick fix. I have some questions that I still need answered, so.. ?!?
To sum all that up, my back hurts and it sucks!!

Here is the x-ray of my neck.

And, here are some x-rays I found online. The one on the left is 1 degree off from my neck. The one on the right is how your neck is supposed to look.
There is an x-ray of my back, but, its a lot harder to see. So, since my neck is screwed up that affects my lower back.
If anyone out there has had any issues like this, please let me know!! Thanks :)

By the way, you should see me try and discipline Aubrey. I slowly stand up, get over to her with no quick or sudden movements, slowly lower my self to get to her level. Forget bending over to pick her up from one of her fits.
You know she's scared. ;)


Monday, November 1, 2010

Day of Fun!

disclainer: picture overload!

Sunday, my birthday!
The fam went to The Harbor and had lunch at Ruby Tuesday. Then me and Aubrey took a little walk around by ourselves for a bit.she loved the "wa-wa"! (water)then we met back up with Collin and the rest. Collin running in this pic cracks me up! haha. sisters. love her :)
Later we went over to Natalie's so we could could get the girls pics together.
Let me preface by saying that Lola has an Elmo costume, and any life size Elmo kinda freaks Aubrey out, so.. I just knew Lola's outfit was freak Aubrey.. nope. Didn't even faze her! Figures, haha.
"ok, that's good.."
A: "ok, I'm done!"
L: "I'm not!"

Playing with the pumpkins
Cowwgirl and Elmo :)
Sweet Friends
The truth comes out... They both wanted the chair. Of course.

Kisses for Momma
Next: (yes, this day keeps going..) Trunk-or-Treat!
We went back to the house to pick up Sarah and Collin.. and to take some pics. BUT, I certain little cowboy was not having it! Love my little Cowgirl ;)The best we got.. Ready to load up on the candy!"can't I have just this little-o-sucker? please??"lol!she slowly kept scooting closer and closer to that little girl.over and over she'd sit on the curb and lay out all her candy. gotta make sure its all there :)in the firetruck!Then, to finish the night.. a little treak-or-treating on our street! they were so cute, aubrey would even say "tri-treat"! Headed home.
Fantastic day! And, a wonderful birthday all around! :)