Thursday, September 1, 2011

First day of school... x2!

I know, I'm a little behind on the "back-to-school-post".

Aubrey started in the Three's class!  

I really enjoyed her being in the Two's class, and after some discussion (mostly on the potty training issue) it was decided Aubrey would be moving up! She is one of the youngest in her class, and according to her teachers "She is here the least amount, but she is one of the smartest!" (had to brag ;) So, once we put her in panties full time, and no accidents, it was clear she would move when the new year started. 
I finally felt like we were really getting settled in the class she was in... and, then its time to move. 
Guess that's life :)

On her last day in the Two's, they had a big party! They always have their parties right after nap time, so, the kids always look a bit on the hot mess side. I'm really glad I have a job that allows me to go to these things with no problem :)

The class. 

 The boy on her left is one of her good buddies, Zachary.
 sweet girl.
 "ball pit"
 the girls are largely outnumbered. but, my girl holds her own! ;)
 Good-bye Two's... Hello, Three's!

Her transition to her new class was a breeze! She tells me often now how much she loves her new teacher. She is really doing great in there :) 

(can you believe she's already in the three's?!)

For the "x 2" part... this momma is back in school!! I wasn't sure if everything was going to get worked out for me to go, but, at the end, it all did. I'm taking 4 classes this semester. I haven't been full time since before I had Aubrey! Just one or two classes at a time here and there. I know I've got to be pretty hard core and on top of things to get done, so I'm just jumping in. I got pretty nervous and started second guessing myself the day before classes started. I just felt like it was going to be too much. But, man.. I think God is really reassuring me! I was able to get 2 online and 2 in class but at the Mesquite campus! (I am going to A &M- Commerce- where I first started off.) My first class is on my day off, so I am able to spend all day with Aubrey, and then I still get home early enough to have the evening with her as well. My other class was scheduled for 4:30-10 once a week.. 5 1/2 hours. What a beating. But, it ends in the middle of October, so I figured I could stick it out. Then, I get to class to find that we will actually on be meeting till 8:30, and then for 3 consecutive weeks we won't meet and just do our work online! Then, we will meet again for the remaining few weeks. What a blessing!! 
My main stress about school is how much time I will (potentially) be losing with Aubrey. This semester has just worked out so well to get me started off. I know not all semesters will be this nice, but, I will be grateful for now :) 
Now, to get things organized and crack down on time management ;)
I am pretty excited though. The two teachers I have classes with are great, which is really nice. 
I know my road to getting my degree has been looonnngg and pretty bumpy, but, I just have to keep reminding myself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel... just gotta keep truckin' through!

So, if my posts are far (even further than they are now...) and few between, you know why. :)

And, I can't help but think that back to school means fall.. which means anything less than 105+ degrees!! 
There is an  end in sight. 
There has to be....