Monday, February 25, 2013

"In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine."

Disclaimer: this is going to be long. Like, really long.

Finally. Almost 2 months after the wedding, it was time for our big honeymoon! Our weekend getaway right after the honeymoon was great, but, we were really looking forward to getting away to somewhere new. I actually liked that it was a bit after the wedding, it gave us something else to look forward to. And, the time between the wedding and going to Boston was busy.. so, it was a great break! :)

Guess who’s is who’s ;)


Saying goodbye to my baby- bright and early!

We’re not so good with a flash.


Goodbye Dallas, Hello Boston!

IMG_4358 IMG_4363

We stayed at a really cool hotel, very contemporary. And, in the best location! Couldn’t have been better. And, yes, our view included a historical cemetery. There were few around the area!

IMG_0748IMG_0749DSCN0031DSCN0033DSCN0034DSCN0035DSCN0037DSCN0040DSCN0042DSCN0043DSCN0055IMG_0854 DSCN0071 DSCN0070

After we settled in a bit, we were starving! So, we headed out to find something. And lo and behold, we found the best broccoli cheddar soup!! SOOOO good. Zoup. But, of course, the closest one is in Colorado! Grr. Also, I loved how they had seats facing the window so you can people watch ;)


Right down the street from our hotel (and on the way to most everything) is a historical graveyard… some headstones dated to the 1600’s! Pretty cool really. Right in the middle of the city. (I know some of you who actually read this will be bored with the history of our trip, but, that was part of why we picked Boston! haha)


First night out, went to dinner at Beantown Pub right next door. Really good and cool place, went there 2 or 3 times? haha. Did a little exploring after dinner, excited for the days ahead! :)



Some cool architecture throughout the city. I just really loved seeing all the buildings that were hundreds of years old and really just held so much history to our great country ;) And, of course, we walked everywhere. We only took a taxi once (other than to and from the airport, and took the subway once. Otherwise, we walked.. miles and miles everyday. And, it was cold, really cold!)

DSCN0073DSC_1069  DSC_1075    DSC_1084DSC_1085DSC_1086

Boston Harbor! This is also where will go back for New Years Eve. (And, no, I was not shy about asking people to take our pics!)





What are the odds?! ;)


This is the new(er) State House. The original is posted above. Across from the State House is the famous Boston Common. I believe, it’s the oldest public park. Its really pretty and I bet would be super packed in the Spring/Summer. But, it also looked really pretty once the snow hit!


Couldn’t help myself, made us take a mini photo shoot! ha!






THEN, we went ice skating on an outdoor rink in the snow!! LOVED it. How “picture perfect” is that? :)


These twin girls all bundled up were the cutest ever.



Back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. (Our days had a pretty set routine. Out for breakfast, explored, out for lunch, came back to relax (and for me, nap!) then downstairs for the hotels nightly (free) wine happy hour. Which was always pretty packed and we met a fun (older) couple from Canada, haha)

DSCN0200  DSCN0206IMG_0823

Another fun pub!


(These are a little out of order, but I didn’t feel like rearranging again!)

This was from the night that it started to snow, we decided to still go out and borrowed an umbrella from the hotel (even though I wanted to take a taxi!) about half way down the block the umbrella flew back and broke. Whoops. So, we kept walking… but, the snow quickly turned from snow to sleet.. and that hurt!! We stopped under the stoop of a building for a bit, now pretty wet and miserable. We trekked the rest of the way and picked the first restaurant we saw! Which luckily, was really yummy! And.. expensive :(  Also, right as we were about to set out, I quickly realized the boots I had on were not going to cut it! So, off to DSW we went! These were really cute and not too pricey, on sale!, perfect for the rest of the week- think I wore them everywhere we went after that! Perfect for walking on snow/ice.

IMG_4383 IMG_4392 DSCN0134DSCN0136

Hair not lookin so good. And Philip being thrilled with another picture! ;)

DSCN0137   DSCN0138

snowing! (I’ve never been one for hats, but I am so glad I brought this one! It was miserable not having your ears covered!) This is what it looked like maybe an hour after we got back to the hotel. They even issued a “snow emergency”! Which I thought was kind of surprising, figured this would have been nothing to them. But, they did have the plows out in no time!!

IMG_4401 IMG_4407

After dinner, all the rain/sleet/yuck had stopped and began snowing again! The tree behind us (and others around the area) were decorated and set up to go along with music that played about every 30 minutes I think, called “Blink”. Kinda cool.



In front of another historical building (don’t remember which one- there were SO many. And, tons of carved statues!) Just thought this was funny.. it had a plaque about how each political party got their animal mascot. And since Massachusetts is obviously a democratic state, the donkey is bigger, but then there is a plaque on the ground that says “Stand in Opposition”.. so, Philip did ;)


This first pic is a street that Tom Brady used to live on.. not sure which house. And these other pics are from a very ritzy part of town. Kinda hard to tell from the pic, but these houses were amazing! A couple of streets over is the “rich” shopping. Every very high end name brand store. And, of course, another super old church smack dab in the middle :)


On New Years Eve, we took a tour bus around town. There were stops that you could get off at and then just wait for the next one to show up when you were ready to move on. Since we were wanting to check out Harvard, we hopped off on one of the buses and took the subway to Harvard! First time for either of us on a subway (and first time for me to be in a taxi, haha) Not quite what I thought it’d be.. just reminded me of riding the DART! Haha!


Harvard! Also, not quite what I expected. Kinda disappointed actually. Just nothing that really stood out. We went to the Harvard Museum of Science and I asked the lady where the “main” spot of Harvard would be, for picture purposes, like a big sign that says “Harvard”… nothing. She said the main photo op spot was a statue, which we passed on the way in and didn’t think much of! haha! So, we went back and took our picture there anyway. We didn’t go in any buildings, other than the museum, but it was Christmas break so not sure they would have been open anyway. Cool to say we’ve been though!


Inside the museum they had a coat room! haha. LOT’s of rocks. ;)DSC_1147DSC_1149

DSCN0248DSCN0255DSCN0256 DSCN0265 

The museum also had a fossil type exhibit. Which, stirred quite a debate/conversation between me and Philip. I am just less accepting of most of all that. :)


And, an exhibit of glass flowers and plants. These pictures are horrible quality, the lighting in there was really hard to work with! But, these things looked so realistic! Someone hand made (and they were really old) all of these and students use them in some of their classes because they are so realistic.

DSC_1197 DSC_0001



We also saw part of MIT. Went into one of their bookstores :) Smart area around there! haha.


We hopped back on another bus, now kind of on a time crunch for our NYE plans that night, so we didn’t get off anywhere else except at the USS Constitution (mainly bc the bus driver had to wait there for a certain amount of time). On the way though, our driver (who had a major Boston accent!) pointed out some “famous” facts, where they filmed “The Departed” (which was kinda cool, bc we watched it after we got home and it was cool to see all the same spots where we went.. we could have stood were Leo DiCaprio stood! ;) She also pointed out where past Presidents have stayed, where JFK lived, John Kerry, other political stuff.. where Tom Brady and Giselle play in the park with their kids, haha. We also went by Wrigley field, which was actually really, really small and in the middle of a neighborhood! If  we had more time there would have been a lot more places we would have liked to go. Next time :)


We finally made it back to our hotel, super exhausted, and no time to nap :( I got spoiled with that! haha. While we were getting ready, there was a pre fireworks show! How cool does that look?! I hung my phone out the window to get a better shot. It was fun to watch, and went out for quite a while!


Philip booked us a dinner cruise on the Boston Harbor. It was actually a lot of fun and something really different. The food was really good, and got lots of it! Music, dancing, silly get up to wear. There were decks you could go out on, but,  it was flippin cold and windy!! I ran out there just long enough to take some probably not worth it pictures, and then ran back in! The only bad part was, we were seated right by the doors! So, for everyone that went out there and lasted 30 seconds, we got all the wind blown on us every time! The table next to us joked about us scooting our table over so it blocked the door.. which was very tempting.

(Oh, my camera battery died, of course, so, phone pics it was!)

DSCN0324  DSCN0325IMG_0824 IMG_4467

DSCN0333DSCN0334 IMG_4441 IMG_4437

Yummy and fun dessert!



Included in our package, was six drink tickets per person, so.. I was just tryin some different ones out! For the first like hour and a half, I thought it was 6 tickets to share, so I was pacing my drinks.. then realized that was not the case! It is very hard to drink 6 drinks in 4 hours… I couldn’t do it! haha!


Finally, at about 2 minutes till midnight, we went outside. Everyone waited till the last minute! It was pretty cool to watch the fireworks over the water.. pretty romantic ;)

IMG_4457 IMG_4449


Then, at about 1:15 am, we got off and waited for a taxi. And, waited. And.. waited. So, against my will, we walked. And, walked and walked and walked. On snowy ice. In high heels. Totally not how I wanted the night to end. But, it made for a story and memories! haha. I really was shocked at how many taxis weren’t out on NYE! Lame.

The next day, our last full day, we kept it kinda chill. We walked (again) down to Faneuil Hall Marketplace for lunch and little shopping. Really neat place, all the way through the middle they had different food “stands”, all sorts, then some eating areas, and then on the outside were all the shops. We got some pizza and then a mixture of desserts to take back to the hotel. And, souvenirs.



The rest of the day we just chilled in the hotel. We were pretty exhausted from the week! So, it was nice to just relax. :) I pretty much fell asleep every time I read. It was great! haha!

DSCN0352      DSCN0356

Finally, I was able to face time with my baby! :) And, we played cards.


IMG_4477             IMG_4483

So, the milk. I think I bought milk one time, ONE time, while we were there… so, by the last night, I was really craving some! So we decided to splurge and order a glass from room service, $3. Which of course is the price of a gallon! But, I needed milk. So, we figured tip like $1-2? We had no idea was “appropriate”. So, they deliver it and Philip shuts the door and says “That milk just cost $9!” What?! Soo.. looking at the receipt, and the VERY tricky menu,.. apparently, there is a $3 delivery fee plus an 18% gratuity.. plus the tip we added!! So not cool. They hid all of that info behind the tab that holds the menu in! (but, still kinda worth it ;)

IMG_4480   IMG_4486

Then, the next morning, we waited until the soup shop opened bc we just had to get that soup one more time! We tried two other times when we went back, once they closed early, about 5 minutes before we got there, and then there were closed on New Years day. So, we got there right when they opened.. and they didn’t have the broccoli soup that day! :(( So, we got another kind.. but, not as good.


Then, off to the airport we went. Just to go to 3 more! We got to the Boston airport about noon, missed our connecting flight in Cincinnati and had to wait an hour and a half, got sent to Nashville where we waited another 2 hours to head to Dallas. Putting us home around 11pm! The only plus, we got to see some cool scenery! Snow as far as the eye could see! I wish so bad there was a GPS tracker that you could follow while you’re flying, at one point I asked the flight attendant where we were flying over, she had to go ask the pilot.. which at that point was Scranton, PA (shout out “The Office”) but at some points I wonder if we could see Canada, or if what I saw was NYC at one point, bc it looked like it could have been! Maybe I should invent something for that :) (my phone GPS wouldn’t connect)


Waiting in the Nashville airport, eating some ice cream to help pass the time!


Finally- home.


It was an amazing trip, and I know I left out a ton! Partly, bc I didn’t want to bore you, and partly bc I don’t remember it all now! Shouldn’t have waited almost 2 months to document! I know it may not have sounded like the most relaxing honeymoon, but, it really was. Even though we were on the go a lot, it was fun to be somewhere new together and just do whatever we wanted. We’d both love to go back again!

Yay for honeymoons! And yay for getting through this whole post! Ha!