Sunday, June 26, 2011

sunshiny day

Last week, Natalie and I took the girls to the park. Amazingly, we were the only ones there for the majority of the time! It was nice :) And, even better, the playground is covered, which made it almost feel spring like, which was very welcome.

The girls were very excited to see each other (as usual). Its so fun to watch them interact now as they are getting older, its so different even from just 6 months ago! They just love each other :)

Lola is looking so much older :(

Unplanned, I brought drinks and Natalie brought watermelon! We make a good team :)
sweetie girl.
watermelon time!

she was very sly about this smile.. it was pretty cute :)


one very sweaty and sticky mess. but hey, she was having fun!

the only time it looks like Aubrey is enjoying the hug more than Lola! Amazing! ;)

fun day :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cont. of Imagination :)

i just love that she is so concerned about her bracelets.
and, she repeats what the baby says.
she's so cute ;)

"in a world of pure imagination"

Well, Aubrey has been at her dads since Wednesday... and she won't be back again until Wednesday. The first few days went pretty quickly and didn't feel too out of the ordinary. But, today, I am ready to see my baby! :( I have gotten to talk to her, and she seems to be having fun, so that's what matters. (I guess) ;)
Two more days...

Before she left, I caught Aubrey playing in her room and she was just being the sweetest little momma! I absolutely love watching her play pretend. Its so fun to see what she comes up with and how she mimics people around her. What a cutie :)

getting ready to feed her baby. blowing on the food.getting ready for her own bite!yum :)love this girl.

She then took a little break to play dress up.

the girl loves makeup!
putting the earings on her baby :)