Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of july

4th of july is one of my favorite holidays. even though it’s a million degrees outside, i love how patriotic everyone gets, getting together with friends and family, good food, and just fun :) this year was no different!

me, philip and aubrey met up with sarah, jeff, collin and amanda and david, jake and levi, at harry meyers park. we’ve gone here several years now and they put on a good show.

the sun was a bit bright.

DSC_2304  IMG_2275

the kids stayed entertained for quite a while with ice.

DSC_2312 DSC_2313DSC_2308     DSC_2310

she posed like this all on her own!


we took the kids to the splash pad, oh man, anxiety. there were a million kids and adults all over the place, i kept my eye on her the whole time. amanda asked me to watch the boys while she went to the bathroom, but i told her i couldn’t keep up with all of them- didn’t want that responsibility! haha. so, this is the only pic of that part. and doesn’t she look cute ;)                    


our first 4th of july together. (seems kinda odd to say that since we’ll be getting married in 4 months! haha!)




they’ll get married one day. it’s been arranged.

IMG_2279  IMG_2281

jeff bought all the kids ice cream and a light up toy. what a good spoiler :)

DSC_2326  DSC_2328DSC_2335 DSC_2337

DSC_2352 DSC_2356

tried to get a group pic.

 DSC_2361 DSC_2362

they totally could pass for siblings. and yes, aubrey looks quite excited! haha.


well, all day aubrey was going on and on about the fireworks. she couldn’t wait to see them. and anytime she saw one go off in the distance she got real excited. so, i was getting real hopeful that it would not be a repeat of last year where she was terrified and we had to hide in the parking lot while she had a death grip on me the whole time. so, we all get situated and as soon as the first one goes off she runs to my lap and says “i don’t like them! i want to go home!!” :(( so much for that. she started crying and screaming to leave, so i walked off to the parking lot (again) and tried to calm her down and get her to see the sparkly ones, and purple and pink ones, anything.. nothing worked. she wasn’t having it. she realized she didn’t have her shoes on so i convinced her to let us go back so we could get them, she agreed. so, i basically held her and covered her ears the whole time while she held on for dear life again.she hated the noise, think next time i’ll bring ear plugs! and, same as last year, as soon as it was over she was as happy as could be! i love fireworks, i wish she would too. here’s to one day! :)


hope everyone else had a fun and memorable 4th! :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

what’s been going on

well. guess it’s been a while since my last post. good reasons though.. lots of school, wedding planning, and.. well, that’s the most of it!

let’s see, finished up a may mini, and 2 classes over summer 1, which has totally sucked. and yay, get to start 2 more next week ;) but, i'm making good head way, so that’s what matters. the end is finally in sight.

praise the lord.

wedding. well, its coming along, slowly but surely. things that have been marked off the list: venue, photographer, dress… whoa, is that all?!? we’ve bought a lot of d├ęcor, but, still need plenty more. working on getting all the table cloths in place, oddly that’s what’s mostly stressed me. odd. we took our engagement pics, it was ridiculously hot, but the pics came out good :) food is covered, just gotta pin point the menu. still need to figure out our play list for music, bridesmaid/flower girl dresses (though, that’s all family, so not too worried about that). been working on registering this week, who knew that would be so difficult and time consuming?! its been fun though :) let’s see, i know im forgetting stuff, hope its not too important ;) if anyone has any good tips/tricks/advice.. ill take it!

can’t wait! 4 months exactly!!!

something else we’ve been doing, is a premarital class at church. an 8 week class covering all sorts of topics.. and its been great! i really enjoy our mentor couple, they are really fun and we’ve got some similarities between our situations, so that’s nice. usually after class, on the ride home and for at least an hour, we sit in the car and talk. its just been really nice to hear others advice, what the bible says, and just great conversation starters for us. i would highly recommend this class (merge at

aubrey. oh this child of mine. what a mess :) but man, do i love her! she has been so fun lately. she sings and dances non stop. makes up songs to whatever she’s doing or what’s going on around her. most the time they don’t make a bit of sense, but she does it a lot! we’ve also been going to the library quite often- free entertainment! she loves it though, always wanting to go. we signed up for the summer reading club.. but i think i lost the paper of the books we’ve read :/ she still loves her little babies and animals and carries them all over the place. she’s all about accessorizing and picking out what she wants to wear. her imagination is so fun to watch, she get’s so detailed in her pretend play. she’ll change her voice to whatever is being portrayed and she loves to mimic- especially me! girlfriend still loves her sleep and rarely misses a nap. though, sometimes a “nap” is just laying in bed for 2 hours because she will not fall asleep! but, as long as she’s in her bed quiet, i don’t care :) she has also, finally, gotten to the point of waking up in the night if she needs to go to the bathroom. she hasn’t wet the bed in months, but i would still worry that she might and would have to get her out of bed while she was sleeping to have her go to the bathroom again (amazingly, she’d sleep right through it all!) but now i don’t have to worry anymore. now, just to get  her to get up and go instead of me having to go in there and get her. she is also way concerned with me being happy. if she does something wrong, or that she knows i don’t like, she immediately says “are you happy?” if i say no she says “i want you to be happy. yes you are” so i tell her what she needs to do, or not do, for me to be happy- and it works! haha. she’s also been real lovey, kisses and hugs randomly, i  love it!  well, guess that mostly sums her up right now.

looking forward to fourth of july, its one of my favorite holidays. hoping aubrey will do better with the fireworks this year. last year i had to take us away and hide behind cars while she had a major death grip on me. poor baby hated it. i think she’ll like it better this year though.. hopefully. :)

other random stuff, haven’t worked since mid may (minus a few times at the bakery for big orders) since ive been going full force with classes over the summer. in one word not working has been amazing. but, i need to get a job. :( just something part time. guess ill get on that this week. philip has also been looking for another job, part or a better full time. the job he has now is good.. but, frankly, we need more money. (don’t we all?!) so, he’s on the hunt and has had some interviews, hoping this last one works out. so, if anyone knows of any lab jobs available in the dallas area… :)

just some faves from instagram :)




I know the lighting on the blue one is weird, but its from daniels mom while aubrey was there for a week (i was missing her bad so i asked for a pic) I just thought she looked so grown up.


this might sound crazy, but, she was laying down next to me one night, and I just noticed how much arm hair she has now. that seems like such a big kid thing. my baby really isn’t a baby anymore is she. :(((



I put a box together full of aubrey’s coloring books, workbooks, colors, etc. i told her to go get into it, after about 10 minutes of listening to her in her room, i decided to start recording. she has been very thankful and grateful lately. its kinda long, but its pretty cute, especially towards the end :) (oh, and im in the midst of rearranging her room, so, it’s a little messy :)

one day aubrey made a “mad” face, it was so funny looking that i tried to get it on video.. then she started hamming it all up. of course :)

this past sunday, after lunch, aubrey had this major burst of energy. pretty evident in the video of what i mean by she makes up her own songs and dances. oh, and we recently watched some celtic river dancing and so she naturally picked it up. future career? ;)

alright, well it took those videos approximately 2 days to upload, grr, so that’s all she wrote.

see ya in another month. ;)