Friday, June 25, 2010

18 Months

Yep. My little baby is 1 1/2!! How did that even happen?? In a way it seems this time has gone sooo fast, but, then her being a newborn seems like a lifetime ago! Just craziness.

Here's what little bit is up to nowadays:

Can say:
Momma/Mommy (which makes her sound so big when she says mommy!)
MeMe?? (haven't really figured out what that is about..)
Night Night
Please (although, its just the "P" sound, we're working on it, but she knows it means please)

Body parts she knows and can point to:
BoBo :)

She pretty much understands everything I say, sometimes I have to show her first, then she gets it from then on.

She is getting really good at using a fork. And, sometimes won't eat unless she can use the fork herself, yay!

Unfortunately, not much going on in the potty training area. Although, I'm just now getting her thinking about it. If I give her a baby wipe to play with while I'm changing her she'll sometimes wipe herself.. sounds like some progress?! haha! I'll sit her on the toilet, but she just doesn't care. Her daycare doesn't really help until they move to the 2 yr old room because they have a bathroom in the classroom.. or, they take them to the bathroom? So basically, no point in really pushing it if I'm not going to get help from them yet. No biggie.

She loves to dance to music. She'll sing the "la-la-la" part from Elmo.. all the time!

She can wave, blow kisses, "pound-it", lol, help wash her hair, put things away where they go, can find any trash can to throw things away, getting better at brushing her own teeth, hates having her hair brushed(!), loves water, hates being told "no" (duh) is finally being a cuddly girl, she'll just sit with me forever and snuggles with me in bed... love love love it! Desperately wants to drink out of a real cup by herself.
She really enjoys daycare, except for those few "off" days. Loves playing with Collin and Lola.
And any other kid.

Can count to 3. Not completely perfectly.. but, she does say each number (in order) with a little coaxing. Natalie can vouch :) And, can hold up 1 finger.. working on 2 and 3!

(She is counting in this pic!)

She is just getting smarter by the day, and it honestly amazes me how fast she is learning things.

So smart, she thinks her little fits will actually get her what she wants. She tries that little tactic pretty often now.. maybe soon she'll realize Momma is still smarter :)

Her hair is getting so thick, length will take a while though. Technically its getting longer, but curlier at the same time, so progress is taking its sweet time. If I pull it straight its almost to her should blades!!

Loves to play with my makeup, and tries to put it on. And, every time I put on chapstick she wants some too :)

I've lost count on teeth, but, she just had 2 more break through and another on its way.. so, I think we're up to 8 on top and 6.5 on bottom??

Wears 5-6 size shoes. Limited 18 months, mostly 24 and 2T!
She weighs 26.13 lbs and is 33 inches!
(apparently they slow down alot between 1-2 yrs! which seems kinda odd..)

Favorite foods.. um, everything. The girl loves to eat! But, I keep remembering when its too late, that I need to give her 1 food at a time, like all her chicken first, then add the pasta. Otherwise, she only eats the pasta. Or whatever.

Well, I'm sure I've given enough information that I'm sure I only care about.
If you read this all the way through- THANKS! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm back!

Yay! Finally.. I can blog! And I am super behind!!

Let's see, two Saturdays ago we celebrated Collin's 5th birthday! (Can't believe he is 5!!) It was at a park and was baseball themed, Sarah even got the Rangers mascot to come out.. big hit!! I was real smart and brought my camera.. but, left my memory card! Totally bummed, so I just have a few pics from my phone. Great party though!

Then, that following monday, the day Aubrey started her week at her dads, me and her hung out all day! We stopped at Target, where somehow I back into a car as I'm pulling out of my parking spot! So not the day for that! I know I was clear, otherwise I wouldnt have backed out, how in the world did this lady not see me sticking half way out?! So frustrating. Got a lovely dent in my trunk, and her driver door isn't looking that great either. I honestly don't understand how there is that much damage going 2 mph?!
So, that happens, then I get leave my baby for a week. What a start to the week.

Well, I drop Aubrey off.. it sucked. Not that I don't want Aubrey to spend time with her dad and grandparents, because I do, just not that long that young.
What really bothered me is that I knew I would be fine, or at least could somewhat control my emotions and all that.. but what about her? After a few days did she miss me? did she think I was going to come back? what was really going on in her mind? That's what really got to me. But, I did get to talk to her and Daniel and everything was good, they were having fun. That was the point right? So, when I dropped her off she was real excited to see them and get in the car to watch Elmo, so, she didn't really care to kiss and hug me, which made me real sad! Basically I cried walking back to my car and pretty much all the way home. I mean, I'm glad that she is comfortable with them and excited to be with them, but, didn't she know what was going on and that I was devastated?! :) No she didn't, and that's good. Soo, when I picked her up.. which I was SO ready for, ya know, I was hoping for that same excitement.. nope. Couldn't have cared less to see me. Completely heart broken. Killed me. Why wasn't she happy to see me?? She just seemed so indifferent. She was super cranky and tired. Which really bothered me because I just know she doesn't get enough sleep over there, never has, its very apparent when she comes back anytime. Its wednesday now, and she still isn't really back to normal. Its just real evident things are done alot different over there, pretty much gets whatever she wants when she wants it. Not the case with me. I just wish things didn't have to be like this. But, I guess that's life.
She goes for her second week July 1-7, maybe this time I'll be a little more prepared. Maybe..

So, this past Sunday was Fathers Day (duh) and Emily's 22nd bday, and Aubrey turned 18 months! First, we went out to Ft. Worth to see my dad. Went to the Stock Yards and ate at THE best BBQ restaurant, Coopers! Seriously, everything was amazing! Best potato salad and apple cobbler I've ever had!! It was a real interesting place.. you stand in a line, that went waayy out the door, went to the pit to pick your meat, then get your sides, then sit at picnic tables.. with another family! Ha! And, 6 of us ate for $70, not bad!! After lunch, we walked around the Stock Yards, I just love it down there. I would so live in Ft. Worth! My kinda place :)
Afterwards, we left so I could go pick up Aubrey, and of course we hit the worst traffic! So mad! Made it without a minute to spare! Came back to the house for dinner for Emily's birthday, did gifts, and then just hung around.
A really good day all in all :)

What else has been going on??

Getting things situated to start school back up in the fall! Or possibly summer 2! Little nervous about how all this will play out. But, its what needs to be done :)

I will say while Aubrey was away I was able to get alot done! Completely redid my room.. just needing to get a few more things done before I show pics!
Went to the movies, hung out with friends, did a bunch of errands. Non stop busy the whole time, which is good.. or there would have been a few time you might have found me curled up in my bed crying. It just really sucks not having your child with you when you want them to be. Its a very strange feeling, which I do not like.
But, on the bright side, if there is one, I got a lot accomplished I think :)


Waiting to head out for mommy/daughter night out!
Best $5 I ever spent: Veggie Tales movie!! Its the best of "silly songs"! Aubrey will sit perfectly still the whole thing through.. works wonders when trying to get her hair done! :)
Back from our night out :)
Little Miss Priss after church!
(love that skirt!! And, the shoes Aunt Emmy got her that she's finally wearing..) I love how she looks all girlie, yet she's playing with cars! haha!after nap!Totally debated on sending her to Daniel's in this shirt.. heehee.. Say Cheese!! (slightly gross.)Like, 15 minutes before we left to go to Daniel's.. little impromptu sprinkler play!
She was loving it.On Collin's actual birthday.. Braums! Fathers Day lunch! Yummm!My food :) Dad had a stye so we had to go get him an eye patch! haha!Aubrey is back home, and back in the sprinkler!HAHAHA! Me and Emily.. and her nose ring!! (Can't really see it too well in this pic though.)

Ok.. guess that does it! I'm sure I'm forgetting something! I feel like I've been away so long and have so much to talk about! lol.

Peace! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

what a week!

Well, my internet is out. I'm doing a quick update from Natalie's computer!

Aubrey is at her dads.. ALL week!!! Monday-Sunday. Totally killing me! Its really hitting me today, and I am just major missing her. I called and was able to talk to her tonight! She actually did talk a bit, and not just push buttons. Daniel kinda filled me in on what they've done this week so far, sounds like all is going good and Aubrey is having a good time. Guess that's what counts. Blah.
This is the longest I've been away from her, and I'll have to do this again in a couple of weeks. Grr.
I've just really been trying to keep myself as busy as possible so the time will pass quickly! My friends have done a great job helping me out with that, thanks friends :)
And, I've even redone my room! Lots of update pics to come. Lots of girl time. Lots of getting little things done. Got a pretty busy weekend planned, so I'm hoping Sunday at 6:00pm will get here FAST!!!

ok, well, just wanted to give that little update.
Please pray for me while this finishes out. I'm just reallly missing her..
Thanks! :)

(Be back soon.. hopefully!)

Monday, June 7, 2010


This past weekend, Natalie and I loaded up our girls (and a ton of other stuff!) to head out to her parents lake house! And let me tell you, I was excited. Just getting out of town and doing something different, for cheap!, nice!! Well.. could have been a lot cheaper.. but, I'll get to that :)

Natalie picked us up about 3:00, and thats when we noticed we had two very cranky kiddos.. so, we stopped at CFA to let them out and eat! Made all the difference a little down the road! So, we really got on the road about 4.

Natalie with our sweet tea!
See what I mean about cranky?? Finally calming down with some toysLola's turnAubrey getting excited that we're almost to the house!
When we got to the house we just hung out and piddled around for a bit before heading to the store to stock up for the weekend. Came back to the house, fixed dinner and then attempted some pictures outside. I'm pretty sure Natalie did alot better than me.
She's super fast. Bed time did not go so well for Aubrey.. I blame it on a new environment. She fought me for quite a while, which I ended up laying down with her to get her to sleep. Oh well.

Saturday we all slept in a bit (I think that was my favorite thing from the whole weekend!! haha!). And, we immediately noticed a difference in the girls when they wake up! Aubrey, still pretty laid back and needs her space. Lola, not! LOL! Poor Lola just wanted to play with Aubrey so bad and kept pulling on her to go play and was just excited to see her, and Aubrey was just not interested. At one point, completely ignored her! It was pretty funny. These girls are almost as opposite as their mommas are with each other! haha! But somehow, we all work :)

After breakfast, we fixed ourselves up for some antique shopping!! I found a cool piece of wall decoration for $12. The girls started to melt down, so we loaded back up and just started to drive when we decided to stop at some of the garage sales we kept seeing. (we're in East Texas.. very country!) These sales were better than the antique stores! I got milk glass bowl/vase thing for $3, a metal butterfly to hang on Aubrey's wall for .25 cents and another "thing" for the wall for $1! Natalie.. made off a whole lot better though!! I'll let you check out her blog to see her great deals! At one sale, there was a big sink sitting on the ground and these two boys were sitting in either side.. super country and super cute! This is the kinda stuff that was at these sales! haha. But, garage sale-ing is going to be our main focus next time! :)

In front of the antique store.. doesn't she look so different??
Headed back home for naps for the girls, who both were asleep at the same time! At which point we realized we didn't plan for that and didn't know what to do with ourselves! lol. So, we just sat and talked and watched some HGTV! ;)
When the girls woke, swimming! Let's just say, its a good thing neither of us has twins! It was a bit of a feat keeping up with those two. Aubrey had no fear and kept wanting to walk off the big platform (it was in water) into the big pool area. After about an hour she started to calm down a bit, with the help of a cup of ice! :) Lola was so much more cooperative! We'll see how she does in a few more months though, heehee :) Pool time was definitely fun, hopefully us mommas got a little sun?!

Great pic!

After swimming, showers and off to Tyler for dinner! Decided on Olive Garden, yum. Aubrey definitely got the points there, although, Lola got points any time we were in the car! haha! Me and Natalie indulged ourselves with the Italian Cream Soda drink.. delicious!!
After dinner, Marshalls! Both splurged a bit.. but, totally worth it :)
Back home for bedtime for the girls.
Sunday, lazy morning. Loaded up everything- which was alot more going home!! Headed to Canton for some of the little shops there and lunch. We decided going to First Monday with the girls in that heat would be disastrous! Neither of us bought anything there, except for a not so great lunch at Taco Bell/KFC!

waiting for natalie while she went in the store. had to take turns since the good child was sleeping! haha.
Back home around 3:30? Really quick timing.
And, of course I had been trying to get Aubrey to nap the whole ride home, which she never did.. until we were turning on our street!! Good thing she stayed asleep inside! :)

Great time of relaxation and just going with the flow!
Next time- No kids!! :)