Monday, March 29, 2010


Yipee!! Spring has Sprung!! Who else is excited!? :) I'm just lovin this weather.. even went out and walked/jogged with Lauren today! Hey, progress. :)

So, something I've been debating lately is switching jobs. I even have a pretty good "in" somewhere, but, really, the more I think about it the more I'm not sure if I really want to. The pay is better, but I'm not sure if its significant enough to lose some time with Aubrey. Not saying there is a price on her time!! I mean, obviously everyone could use some more moolah, but, I just need it to be enough that it will really make a difference for us.. and, I just don't know?! I really do have good hours, the latest I get home is 3:00pm. And still get at least 8 hours! Can't really beat that. Right? :) I mean, getting up at 4:30am is not really an ideal thing, but, I get the majority of my day and have taken advantage of that by picking up Aubrey early to go to CFA with Natalie and Lola, or the park, or whatever.. I just don't want to lose that. But, there is another job that I think I would really love- Newborn Hearing Screener! Natalie just started doing it and loves it.. and I found an opening at the larger company, so I applied!! Pending on hours and pay.. but, keep your fingers crossed! :)

On a not so great note, I got in a wreck today. And, totally my fault. First time ever. Boo! There is this really crappy area to get on the service road where you have to pull out pretty far to see if there are any cars coming, and well, I thought the lady ahead of me was going and I turned back to look at Aubrey... and BAM! Pretty hard too, jerked my seat belt against me pretty hard! And she was in a pretty nice car- crap! We pull over and assess the damage, but.. there was NO damage!! Except a little bend in my license plate! And who cares about that!? We both were really shocked there was nothing! I kept apologizing and she was really nice about it all and said no worries! Thank ya Jesus! :)

OH! And, an even worse note.. there is a biting problem going on in Aubrey's class. Totally not happy about it because Aubrey is the one that keeps getting bit. Today made the 5th bite in about 3 weeks? Thats alot! And I know that can be real common in her age group, but still, who wants their kid to keep getting bit?! The last three have left really bad marks, completely top and bottom teeth shown! Ugh!! So, they are supposed to be keeping a good log of it all.. but, I'm going to ask about it again tomorrow and see if its the same kid that keeps biting.. because if the teachers and parents can't get it under control they need to hit the road! Too harsh?? Seriously though, I absolutely hate the thought of my little baby being hurt while shes there. Kills me. One of the teachers was super sweet today about it, she was real apologetic and reassuring that she would check up on it and make sure the morning teachers keep me real informed. I was really appreciative of that.

Ok, on to happier things :)
Thought I'd give an update on all thats going on in Little Bits world:

Baby (my new favorite- just the cutest!!)
Snack, well, Nack

Can point to:
and, Buddah Belly! haha! Because her belly really looks like one!

She knows what things are when I tell her to get them, or go there. She impresses me all the time with how much she is learning and comprehending!

She loves to dance!!

She is extremely independent and wants things done her way when she says so! But, has little bouts of shyness where she just runs to me and snuggles up to me, love it.

She adores her cousin Collin! She gets so excited when she sees him and just wants to be right next to him! Which is a little funny, because she usually has no interest in Lola, her best little buddy! Too funny when they're together!

She loves bath time and knows when I say "Let's get the ducks" that means bath time.

She likes to brush her hair.

She wears 18-24 months and size 5 shoes, for her monster feet.

Has 12 teeth!!

She likes to "try on" my shoes, which is crazy that my daughter is trying on my shoes.

If she sees food she needs to eat it all. Doesn't matter whose it is, its hers now! Her favorites are bananas, cereal with milk, yogurt, applesauce, ham, CFA nuggets, bread, animal crackers, gold fish, green beans, potatoes, any fruit really... any food at all really!

She has mastered drinking from a straw.

No more bottles :( For a while now actually.

Loves to play peek-a-boo, be chased around and is super ticklish!

And, her hair has quite a bit of curl to it! Which she does not get from me at all, but I love it!

She has such a happy spirit and adapts to wherever she is. She is such a joy in my life. :)

Aunt Emmy reading to Collin and Aubrey

shopping buddies :)
sharing snacks.. sweet girls.
Sunday morning before church- Ducks!Crazy morning hair!Aubrey eating everything in sight- seriously, her stomach was going to bust!Little strawberry on the chin..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have been waiting so long for this moment- PIGTAILS! Love love love it.
This was going to church sunday.. I mean really, can you get any cuter than that?? :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Still busy!

No rest for the weary around here! I feel like lately it has been non-stop, but, mostly fun stuff!

Earlier this week, one of the really nice days we had, Natalie and I took the girls up to a playground with baby swings. I was pretty excited because Aubrey has not been in a swing like that since she was like 5 months! (well, it was like a fisher price swing, so, a little different.) But, I just knew she was going to love it and I was going to get some really cute pictures! Ha. Yeah. Right. She pretty much hated it! Totally bummed. She sat in it fine, but as soon as I gave her a little push she started crying.. so sad. Lola on the other hand couldn't get enough! She was having a blast while her friend feared for her life.. :) Aubrey eventually warmed up, barely, but enough that she could at least move without screaming.. progress! I will try her in a swing again, I haven't given up hope!
Once out of the swing, I did get some cute pictures though! Or, Natalie did? She brought her good camera so towards the end we passed it back and forth, so I can't remember who took which ones.. but, I'm pretty sure she took most of the good ones of Aubrey!

Blowing Kisses

Aubrey hating it. Lola thinking she's crazy. :)
Happy she's free!LOVE this one!Seeing what kinda goods she can findWe couldn't believe they both smiled, at the same time!Afterward, we hung out at Natalie's for a bit and tried for another photo shoot!
She was very intrigued with the "squirrel"Plumbers crack!Lost a shoe on the way out..No worries, who needs a shoe?Another really good one, love the sun! Good job Natalie! :)Goldfish anyone??

Then, Friday night Lauren Smith hosted herself a fun girls night out! We went to Gloria's for dinner- yummy! I didn't take any pictures though :( I tried stealing some from her, but, it didn't work. Hmm..
But, it was a fun night- love ya girl! :)

Saturday, oh Saturday! How I had such high hopes for that day.. until every single idea of mine changed! Haha! Well, all but one! Aubrey was at her dads, so, I had every intention of sleeping until I just couldn't stand my bed anymore (which, could have been days.. ) and then not leaving the house the whole day! I just wanted to relax and get caught up on things at home. Weelll... didn't happen! Instead, I had to help my mom set up 6 grooms cakes with a couple hundred chocolate covered strawberries!! At 8:30 am! yay. Took us about 2 hours.
Afterwards, ran a couple of errands, then came home and did the only thing from my original plan- clean. How lucky! Mine, Aubrey's and the bathroom got a good sprucin' up! I even rearranged my room! Much more space now! Oh, and clean/organized the hall closet- thats a never ending battle. I will soon be going through everything more thoroughly since I plan on having a major garage sale in the next couple of weeks!
Well, after all the cleaning, I headed out to Jenny's to do a little shopping (her, not me! Well, that was the plan!) She needed something for church the next day because her and Brent were dedicating their boys! (Unfortunately, I slacked on pics there too..) But, while out shopping we stopped at the Childrens Place outlet and I got a sweet deal on some stuff for Aubrey.. and at JC Penny's got her some super cute shoes- on sale! I'm not really sure if I've ever bought her anything full price!? :)
Sunday, went to the dedication, very nice ceremony, then they had a luncheon at their house for everyone. Then.. off to pick up Aubrey! I was really missing her!

Its been a good busy week again. Maybe this week will be a little more relaxed.
Wishful thinking with a girl like this.. (See below)


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yay for March!

Wow, looks like I'm due for an update!

So happy its now March- bring on some good weather!!

Been pretty busy these past few weeks.. working extra, which means I'm super tired! But, it makes the checks look nice, so, I guess its worth it :) This week I've been going in at 5:00am, yuck-o-rama! I seriously could go to bed right now (its 8:26)! But, I'm really wanting to see this new show thats coming on, Parenthood, looks like it could be funny.. just gotta wait 30 more minutes! :)

Little Miss is doing good. She now has a grand total of 9 teeth!! There could be more, but I'm a little afraid of sticking my finger in there to find out!
Today she has been my little shadow. Came home from school and gave her a snack and she sat in my lap the whole time, would walk away for a second then run back to me- so sweet! Then we took a nap together, first time in forever. She used to lay down with me all the time, and now it just doesn't happen, she actually prefers sleeping in her bed. Kinda makes me a little sad sometimes. I mean, its a good thing, but I miss the cuddle time. When we woke up it was dark outside, so I had no idea what time it was! Only 7:00 though, but, she's already back in bed (since right after 8:00) I don't think she's feeling great.. oh boy.

I had sooo been looking forward to this past weekend, not that I had crazy exciting plans, but because I didn't have to work on Saturday (which, I'm not really supposed to, but I had been helping out for the past 4 Saturdays! Grr!) So I got to spend alot of time with Aubrey! So, since I go to work so early, my mom gets her up and takes her to school, and 9 out of 10 times my mom has to wake her up, sometimes as late as 9:30.. so, I was pretty excited about sleeping in. Right. First, she wakes up around 5ish just fussin. Get her back to sleep. Then 7:45 and she is wide awake. Are you kidding me? What happened to sleeping in?! So, we went and ran some errands, and even shared some donut holes, yum :) She fell asleep in the car and then continued to sleep for hours, thanks. So, I scrapbooked! Can you believe it? I'm now up to Halloween. Lol. Slowly but surely her book will get done :) Then, Jenny and her boys, Landon and Caden came over and I watched Collin while Sarah went to a baby shower. We took all the kiddos to a playground, Aubrey just like playing in the wood chips, crazy. Afterward, we met back up with Sarah and Amanda and her boy Jake (Aubrey is the only girl in our little group!). We all hung out at Sarah's apt then went to Chick-fil-A. Fun day!
Then, Sunday me and Aubrey went to church. Really good service- they have been doing a little mini-series called "Life's Too Short". Then we went to Sarah's for lunch. Back home where me and Aubrey both took a nap! Then, for a change of pace- Mavs game! Natalie's husband got 4 tickets, parking pass, and 4 $15 money cards (for food or whatever) from work, so, me, Natalie, Clay and his friend Robert loaded up and enjoyed the night! It was so pathetic because the game started at 8:30 and me and Natalie were both like "shouldn't we be getting ready for bed?" LAME! Haha. It was alot of fun to go out and do something different and kids free!! Thanks again Natalie! :)

Then, it was back to work. Blah.
Although, last night me and Natalie did go to First Monday at CLife, where we made a cute craft Ginni showed! And, got some good decorating tips, fun!

So, its been a busy past few days, but lots of fun! I'm soo happy the weather is nice this week, hoping to get Aubrey out for some good pics!

Here are some random photos, enjoy :)

Aubrey LOVES to eat PaPa's cereal! And, she is wearing a diaper! haha.

Grandma with Collin and Aubrey on her birthday

Collin fed her his yogurt, such a good cousin :)

Sweet sleeping baby..

Guess Aubrey is not ready to retire her carseat.. too bad sista!

Fun at the park!

She walked up and down that little curb over and over and over.. Sweet Collin

Crazy Landon

Check out that fat peanut! haha!Me and Natalie at the game!Its the simple things.