Sunday, May 29, 2011

kindergarten graduate!

Well, my (other) little baby is gettin' all grown up! :(

Collin had his Kindergarten graduation this week, and it was soo cute.
His hat kept falling and resting on his glasses! Poor kid! :)

Walking in.
They sang several really cute songs about Texas and America!
Getting his diploma :)
Waving to the crowd.
Proud momma.
sweet cousins

Aunt Emmy
And, of course I get the crazy face!
Grandma and Papa
With his teacher, Mr. Lee and his crazy green shoes?!
looking at the clouds for the crazy (and scary!) storm that was coming!!

Still can't believe Collin will be in 1st grade!!

Seems like just yesterday...

when naptimes don't happen

this is what happens when your child is in her room for 3 hours not sleeping.
just when she is finally about to fall asleep, we have to leave.
after i kicked her out. ;)

sweet dreams

love a sleeping baby.

Party Time!

Last weekend we got to help our little friend Jake celebrate his 3rd birthday!!
It was Mickey Mouse themed and it was at a bowling alley- fun! :)

Pre-arranged marriages are still acceptable, right?? :)How cute is he with his own ball?!They kind of look like old people with walkers, haha.Collin busted out in a little dance!She loved it!I cannot tell you how shocked I was when Aubrey went straight over to that "dog".
She is usually so terrified of anything dressed up.
I cannot figure that girl out.
Getting ready for pizza and cake!What a cutie :)
Good thing it was cupcakes and not a whole cake! Gross, haha! Yummm!
Collin playing Dance Dance Revolution!friends.

Happy Birthday Jake! We love you! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the brain is a terrible thing to waste

Last week, Aunt Emmy wanted to take Collin and Aubrey to the Science Place (or better known as the Museum of Nature and Science).
Robert and I tagged along :)
Emily babysits these two kids and they got her a pass to take them, so we got to use that and all got in free!

It was a fun little adventure.
Though, they have nothing that I remember them having as a kid. Bummer.

Headed out.We went on a Monday so we basically had to the place to ourselves!
First stop, dig for dinosaurs.
She was a little skeptical of the sand!
Once again, Robert really got into everything ;)
Can you believe it, this shark mouth is 26 million years old?! Ha! ;)
Trying to balance. Way harder than it looks. I only lasted a few seconds.. then I realized I should take my bad off! haha!
The makings of a tornado. Though, pretty sure we've all seen enough of those lately!
Great little fact to know! :)
Aubrey camped out here for a while. She was the only one, with water and ducks, heaven.

She kept calling that one the "baby duck". And, later, she talked about a "baby rock". What's with everything being a baby?

These are hilarious. Can't you just picture her milkin a cow on a farm!!

Yay! She did it! :)
Then came the computer. Ugh. Enough with the electronics!

Best we got...

Braums afterwards!Poor baby girl was so worn out, couldn't even finish playing.