Monday, September 16, 2013

life lately

I know most of these pics are on IG, but I still like to document here.

Just some stuff that’s been going on since my last phone dump :)

Aubrey loves to get into little cozy spots and play, read, whatever. Her favorite is beside the couch/fireplace. It’s where we keep extra pillows and blankets, so she usually takes her little ‘babies’ in there and just hangs out. This time, she was reading her Bible :)


At the beginning of August our Foundation Group took a little trip to Cedar Creek Lake. Well, as I was finishing packing and getting myself ready, Aubrey was in my room with me and started playing with the drawers of my dresser. Didn’t really think anything of it, so I left the room. I was down the hall and just happened to glance into my room and at the same time hear Aubrey start yelling out as the whole dresser, my big picture, jewelry holder and some milk glass come tumbling to the ground… and basically on top of Aubrey! I run down there tell her to move and grab what I can, hoping all the drawers don’t break! Luckily, the only thing damaged was one of my (favorite) milk glass pieces, but oh well. The glass from my picture came out but didn’t break- thank goodness! After regaining my composure, I look at Aubrey and she just has this look of fear/sadness and says “I’m so sorry momma!” and starts bawling. Break my heart. I’m sure she was just really scared of what just happened.. and probably scared she was going to get in big trouble! haha. Which she didn’t. We just had a talk about things not to play with, and that it was an accident. And, really, it was my fault.. I should have seen that coming. :/ Lessons learned.


So, that whole fiasco kinda set me back on finishing getting ready for my trip. But, we finally made it out the door- dropped Aubrey off with Robert, then she went to Sarah’s.

Some of the girls of the group that were able to go- me, Kate (our leader, and 8 1/2 months prego at the time), Hannah and Virginia :) I had just gotten out of the shower from being in the lake off and on that day- I was ready to chill for the rest of the night ;)


And, our view! So nice and relaxing.


Sarah took the kids to Northpark.. Aubrey was excited to go to the Lego store- she still talks about it!


Don’t the just look like they love having their pic taken?! HA!


Sunday, we left the lake early to head to Houston for my Pawpa’s 75th birthday! My mom and Marvin had Aubrey with them. It was nice to get together with all the family (aunt, uncles, cousins, etc).

We took family pics to give to my Pawpa, my aunt and her family all got together and did the same thing (and my uncle and his daughter are supposed to also..) we all picked similar backgrounds and wore the same thing so they’d all match. It was pretty much amazing that everyone (on both families) were able to get everyone together for a pic! It was flippin hot outside, so we made it snappy. Glad you can’t see all the sweat ;) We just brought my tripod and did the self timer. It looks like I’m a missing person in the second pic, haha!

, DSC_0575DSC_0572DSC_0586

Aren’t they so cute??

DSC_0589 DSC_0591

On our way home from Houston, as the sun was setting Aubrey started asking about God and heaven and some really deep questions for a 4 year old! Who would be in heaven- our friends, Jesus’ friends, would we get to see him, what would we do, etc. It was a really good talk and I’m so glad she asks these questions all on her own.


Of course, we stopped at Buc-ees! My aunt was there too at the same time and insisted we take a pic with Buc-ee.. with Aubrey’s hand placed so appropriately! haha! 


So, Aubrey started Kindergarten. Kinda. There is no in between class at her school, from the 4 year old class she was in and the kinder class, so it was either repeat the class she was in or go to kinder technically a year early, which is what most of the kids in her class chose. So far, she has loved and is doing great!! She has learned so much already and talks to me way more about what she has learned than she did in the 4 yr class. She will still do kinder again next year bc I’m probably going to pull her out of her school in December during Christmas break. There are several things we are considering with that decision, so we’ll see how it plays out.

She has to wear uniforms now and bring her own lunch! She loves to pose for Philip, haha. (He is the one taking her in the mornings- which is nice! let’s me and Aubrey both sleep in a little longer ;)

IMG_6628IMG_6617IMG_6602IMG_6604  IMG_6614

This girl and her babies :)


Picking out her outfit.. both pink- matches! haha


The sweetest thing. Philip will occasionally surprise me with flowers, but this time, out on a donut run, he came back with flowers for Aubrey. He called her into the living room and gave them to her, she was sooo excited! She just kept looking at the flowers and then to Philip and then to me, haha. And kept saying “thank you Philip! they are so pretty! I love them!” As I was putting them in a vase, she kept saying to pull some out for me. I told her they were just for her and then Philip said he’d take her to pick some out for me. She is so sweet! Loved watching them both in that moment :)


Spontaneous photo shoot with my girl. She in one of a kind ;)


Some more of our foundation group at one of the girls baby showers, Agnes. And, Kate on her due date! So far, 3 babies for our group out of 7 couples!


I’ve been to 4 baby showers over the summer (Kristen, Alycia, Kate and Agnes), I think that’s the most in one period of time. Tis baby season! Alycia and Kate ended up having their babies on the same day! Can’t wait to meet them both :) And, really ready for mine to be here already! 4 more months…

Speaking of my baby.. haven’t really updated about him in a while. My last pic was at 16 weeks! I am now (almost) 23!

Let’s see-

Sleeping has been much better, partly due to this super comfy mattress topper we got!


Bathroom breaks during the night have gone down to 1-2. Still a little annoying, but better then the 3-5 it was!!

Food/cravings- my appetite is back! Everything sounds good, so its really hard to figure out what I want to eat, or where. Sometimes we go to multiple places to get all that I want ;) My eyes are definitely much bigger than my stomach though. A few bites into any meal and I start getting full. Philip has started getting less food for himself bc he knows I won’t finish mine, haha.

Salads, pineapple and fried pickles are my top favorites right now! And, a good piece of cheesecake hits the spot nicely ;)


Feel like I’ve been a little moody/emotional lately. Hate that. The smallest things can set me off and it takes a while to get over. Oh hormones.

Baby boy is moving around like crazy!! I’ve been feeling him a for a while, but about 20-21 weeks is when I really started feeling more consistent and definite movements.He;s been hanging out pretty low though, just started feeling move more up closer to my belly button area (as of 22 weeks) It didn’t take long after that for him to really pick up the pace though! I was mostly feeling him around 4-6 pm, laying down or reclined, but now, its in the mornings, at school, in the car, sitting or laying down. He’s a mover now! Aubrey and Philip can feel him too, which is great! (Well, Aubrey sometimes, she isn’t very still and doesn’t wait long enough, haha) It’s such a great feeling him moving around. Love it! His movements are pretty forceful already, can’t imagine what it will be like in another month or so! haha

First time for Aubrey to feel him move 8/28/13, 20 weeks


I definitely can feel the weight of him now. I just feel little heavier all around. Not like unbearable or anything, just can tell the difference now.

Still super tired, all the time. Might need to check my iron or something? Maybe its just that I’m older now (but I’m not old), or maybe its bc I’m getting up at 5:30 everyday and dealing with a bunch of kindergartners at school?! Probably that. ;)

Unfortunately, definitely think the weight gain has hit. Not sure how much, but with an increased appetite and my sweet tooth back.. yeah, definite weight gain. I’m hoping no more than 5lbs! But, we’ll see. Don’t go back till Sept. 25 (6 week difference from last appt.)

Really looking forward to starting our birthing class in about a month! Basically, it’ll be teaching:

Classroom instruction includes - lecture, couple and group discussion, question and answer sessions, viewing videos / DVD's, models & charts, couple participation with breathing, relaxation, and fitness techniques; massage techniques, acupressure, demonstration - return demonstration
(seen below) of comfort measures, and many other participant focused
activities during the class time.

Should be interesting to say the least! ;) It’s all based on the Bradley method of natural childbirth.


Aubrey is so ready for him to be here! Every time I pick her up from school, she runs up to me and gives me a hug, then hugs my tummy and says “Hi baby!”or “Hi little brother!” and she’ll kiss my stomach goodnight and tell him she loves him! Can’t wait to see how she is when he is here!

She is totally into all the baby toys we’ve been given. I told her she can show him how to play with them all when he gets here, she was pretty happy about that :)


Been working on things for the nursery. Bought a rocker/recliner, some d├ęcor stuff, and of course, some baby clothes ;) Just still need to work on clearing everything out of his room (office stuff). Still need to find a crib and a dresser. Just so ready to have everything put together! Definitely in nesting mode. It’s all I want to do every weekend- haha! Worked on our registry at Babies’R’Us yesterday. Finally settled on a stroller! For some reason, that has been the hardest thing for me. Still need to do a little more at Target, they have some other options in fabrics and stuff I like better. Its all coming along though :)

Still haven’t settled on a name. It’s a toss up between two.. might have to wait till he comes out to decide! I like them both equally. Can’t decide if I want everyone’s opinion yet, so I’m not going to post the choices ;)

20 weeks- half way!! (Also, my most favorite piece of maternity clothing. The most comfortable dress- ever. I’d wear it every day if I could!)


My mom saw me the same day as the 23 week pic, she said I looked bigger in the pic. Which is good, bc I’ve been feeling pretty large! haha!

photo (1)

Guess that’s pretty much it. I am completely exhausted today.. good thing I wrote all this the night before ;)