Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let the fun begin!

This has been a pretty packed weekend, and still have one more day to go to wrap it up! 
For now, I'll just post about taking Aubrey to the trunk-or-treat at the church right by our house, so close we walked! :) 

Heading out with my sweet little Butterfly :)

 Lola was there, and they sure were happy to see each other!
 sweet girls.
 Lola I'm sure trying to convince Aubrey to go to the bounce house, Aubrey was not having it. Strange child.
 So, they played the whale game instead :)
 Then, got their dance on!
 Befriending a little strawberry :)
 Our first attempt for the girls' pic. Unfortunately, a crazy/scary looking Gingerbread man was walking around and totally freaked Aubrey. Sweet Lola was very concerned for her.
My poor baby.

 But, after the Gingerbread man was gone, Aubrey voluntarily asked to take another picture with Lola! Amazing.
 Love them!
 And, of course, our annual group shot.
One year, everyone will be looking and smiling, surely. ;)
 After Natalie and her gang headed out, we started out on the games.
 She actually hit the ball into the cup!
 What an arm! ;)
 Emmy, Sarah, Jeff and Collin also came up there. 
The kids with Aunt Emmy. 
 my sweetie-petey :)

 Unfortunately, she likes Sponge Bob- thanks to her dad. ;)

 happy girl!


(to see more pics from tonight, check out Natalie's.)

more tomorrow :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

whats happenin', whats up...

so... looks like i didn't make good on that last promise.
my bad.

guess i'll try for an adequate recap..of the past month and a half.. :/

school for aubrey is going great! have had zero issues with the transition and she loves her teachers- yay!! also, just had school pics taken.. out of the two shown to me, one wasn't half bad- finally! haha.

school for me... not near as bad as i was anticipating, which is such a relief. luckily, one of my classes ends this week, so now i'll just have to worry about the remaining 3. which really, those aren't that bad either! 90% of all the work from all 4 classes has been online, which is way nice! gotta say, i'm so glad that i finally got myself back in gear with all this :)

in other news, my dearest bff got herself knocked up!! intentionally of course! ;) couldn't be more excited for baby #2 on the way!!  and she's not finding the sex out! gonna be total greatness!!! love ya friend!! :)

my birthday is in 2 weeks!! the big 2-6! ;)

now on to the pics, in no particular order :)
(alot of these are from my phone, so, sorry fb'ers and instagramers! ;)

think she's excited?!

 A couple of weeks ago, I was able to help celebrate my sweet friend Alycia at her bachelorette party! Great fun in Ft. Worth!


at pete's piano bar... before we left to get our dance on!
keeping with the wedding theme, this past friday, the big day had arrived!

the gorgeous bride!! and that dress.. hello!! :)

all dolled up at the wedding :)

all dolled up at the wedding :)

oh this child of mine, gotta love her :)

last weekend me and my mom went out to my brothers school, they put on this thing with all the "social clubs" (aka fraternity/sororiety) called Tiger Tunes. basically, each club picks a theme and takes songs and rewrites the words that go with the theme and make up dances to it all. it was really cool actually! haha. my brothers group theme was anchor men- "eta clock news",  because they are the eta's... get it ;) you can youtube it if you want! haha!

robert still dressed up, and, he had to draw that mustache on, ha!! with his girlfriend rebekah :)
 afterwards, his club put on this thing called "muggin'". 
they pass out rootbeers and have a band, its cool. haha.
aubrey has now been referring to lola as "my lola", so sweet.
singing about her sunglasses :)
 just some cute, but random, pics :)

could be my favorite.

or this one. :)

 and, of course, a month and a half long recap wouldn't be complete without some sleeping pics ;)

i will feel so bad for her husband ;)

 side note (for memory purposes): aubrey is totally into watching popeye! so random!
the girl sings ALL day, and i love that she is making up her own songs now, too cute.
she is completely into being a princess. she also wants to fly. she is still calling me laura occasionally, which is kinda cute ;) the girl loves her some avocado! she has caught on that her birthday is coming up and keeps asking for 'happy birthday cake'.. don't rush this momma, please. :(

 well, guess that about sums things up!? 
i'm sure i've forgotten things.. and if its something important that involves anyone reading this... 
so sorry!! :/

hopefully i'll be back sooner rather than later :)

(sorry if the pics are all funky.. was trying something new... didn't work out quite right :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

i still exist.

whoa.... i think this is the longest i've gone without posting. and, its not that my life has been so overly exciting that i couldn't possibly have time to blog, nope, just been busy and not thinking about posting. well, actually i have thought about posting, just haven't actually done it- mostly because i haven't really taken any pictures. but, i did take some random ones of aubrey today, and she looked pretty cute.. so, i guess i could upload them and find something to talk about :)

which i will do... hopefully tomorrow.

until then... :)