Saturday, November 16, 2013

the fam


the girl.

at school, each kid in her class gets to be the “Special K” (the K is for kindergartner), for the whole week they get to be the line leader, turn off and on the light, pass out stuff, etc. and then they get to bring home Cat in the Hat and record what all they did with him in a little book that gets passed around to each kid. and, they bring a poster filled with pictures of themselves and talk about them. let me just say, girlfriend was so excited about this!

she snuggled up with Cat, did homework with him, went out to eat and shopping with aunt emmy,  and then helped celebrate my birthday :)IMG_7022  IMG_7028  IMG_7026 IMG_7038IMG_7041 IMG_7042


speaking of aunt emmy, she watches aubrey for us every week when we have our birth class! such a help! and, aubrey loves “having no parents with them”- rude. :) but who can blame her, especially when she brings over all of her art supplies and let’s her go to town! :)


the day before fall began we all went out to eat and there just so happened to be a little pumpkin patch right where we were. we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some pumpkin pics (with no one around!) to start off the fall! unfortunately, all I had was my phone, but, better than nothing!

IMG_6732 IMG_6741IMG_6740

she loves making necklaces and bracelets and putting the beads into patterns. though, this necklace ended up as a hippy head band. she could have fit in in the 60’s ;)


she’s not always girly-girl though, she loves hot wheels! i was thinking I’d be putting these in brothers room, but don’t think that will be happening.


she loves folding laundry. love it when i look in her pajama drawer and see them all folded nicely.. such a contrast from mine! ;)


she picked these out for me at dollar tree, said i had to have them. i let her pick one set out for me, it was too sweet not to!


my little dancer. she has been playing a christmas cinderella snowglobe to dance to, over and over and over. her moves are improving. :)


sweet girl.


my baby has her last thanksgiving program at her school. can’t believe she’s already done! the past few years have really flown by!! she even had a solo part, i mean, it was pretty short (like, one line) but, i was just so proud of her for getting in front of all those people and doing her own little part! is it ridiculous that i almost started crying?!

she was a pilgrim lady.

IMG_7147 IMG_7121 IMG_7143 IMG_7145

her part is at the end.

to end, her chalkboard makes me happy :)


the boy.

the boy still has no name. probably won’t until we meet him! darn.

let’s see if i can think back to two appointments. i've started going every two weeks now! woo-hoo!

so, from 24-28 weeks, i gained 8lbs. whoops. they asked if anything had changed in life or my diet, i said “my sweet tooth came back”. gotta have my chocolate! :) but, from 28- (almost) 31 weeks, only ONE pound!! i tried really hard to be better on what i ate, and it worked. go me :) so, that’s a grand total of 18lbs (as of my 31 week appt.) i'm ok with that!

last week i did have a bit of a weird thing. at school i started feeling really dizzy and nauseous, hot and cold, just really off. called the office and they said to go home, rest and call back in a few hours to see if there’s been any change. ended up taking a 2.5 hour nap and felt a good bit better, but still a little weird the rest of the night. she said it was probably just a bug or something, but if that comes back to let her know so she could check me out. thankfully, it hasn’t happened again. did have me a little worried.

right side hip and back are still killing me! i think i am most looking forward to having him so that goes away, ha! almost every night, i will lay on my side on the bed and philip will push with all of his strength on my hip and butt. feels amazing. if only he could do that all night..

have definitely had swelling. some days i feel like my toes are going to pop off because my feet are so swollen! and, my hands are getting swollen too, hoping i don’t have to take my rings off :(

he has been moving around like crazy! which, he must have got the memo, because at my 28 week appt, i asked about him still being so low. like i barely even felt him around my belly button height. he just hung out really low. she said it was a little odd to still be that low at that many weeks, but wasn’t too concerned. she said he was “jimmy buffet, just hanging out and relaxing in his little hammock.” haha! so random. well, not long after that, homeboy moved on up! he even woke me up at 5am from being so high and just all over the place. he mostly hangs out on my right side. though, whichever side i lay on, he goes to that side too, guess he likes to snuggle into the bed, too :)

at my last appt she was pretty sure he was still head up, so, that’s something they are going to keep an eye on, though, won’t be a big concern until 36 weeks. although, i swear he’s still doing somersaults in there- i can’t figure out at all what positions he get’s into! he does like to hang out on my bladder though.. that’s for sure!

cravings- donuts!! and, still some fruit, really into strawberries right now. but, the sweets have definitely taken over. :/


his room is slowly but surely coming together. right now, we have the crib, mini recliner/rocker, side table and a shelf, which is pretty much all the furniture that will be in his room anyway. picked out fabric for his curtains finally. i feel like i can’t do any decorating until i get the curtains up for some reason!? haha. have some d├ęcor stuff already, just can’t put it up till those curtains are up! weird. can’t wait to really get stuff going in there though. last weekend i got in a major nesting mode. cleaned, organized and decorated all sorts of stuff!

IMG_7105 IMG_6952

been going crazy over boy clothes. can’t keep myself from buying stuff! i periodically go into his room and just look at all of his clothes and just imagine what he’ll look like in them. can’t wait!!!


birth class. oh man, sometimes its real interesting. i was worried the class would be a bunch of weird people, you know, but they are all pretty normal! haha. there are 8 or 9 couples in there, all about are age, all but us and one other couple are first time parents. but, with both of us this will be our first natural birth. even though i've had one before, this one will be sooooo different. obviously. but, i almost feel like i don’t know what to expect at all. never felt contractions with aubrey, didn’t breastfeed with her, just everything really. though, i'm really looking forward to doing it the natural way. still a little nervous, for sure, but, definitely excited!

we talked about birth plans and things we do and don’t want, and velcroed the stuff we wanted (or don’t want) on the board.


people are still, daily, making comments about my size. they are just amazed at how big i am for how much longer i still have. i mean, really, am i that big?! sigh….


26 weeks





single digit weeks left!!! 31 weeks


as i write this, i am now closer to 8 weeks left than 9 weeks. soooo close. he’s going to be here before we know it! :))))

the parents.

philip and i both had our birthdays. unfortunately, i didn’t get any pictures from him :( me and aubrey cleaned up the house, made him a card, got his presents wrapped, and then we ate bbq and a peanut butter cake :) we both decided to have low key birthdays, no need to make a big fuss ;) for mine, we went out to eat with mom and marvin to a yummy mexican restaurant, can’t remember the name though. as a pre-birthday gift from philip, i got a wonderful mani/pedi the night before. perfect.




we also helped jenny celebrate her 30th birthday. 80’s style! fun night :)


IMG_6875  IMG_6884

had a date night to the bishop arts district, where we tried emporium pies. wish we never went, because know i think about that pie all of the time! so good. we’ve been trying to sneak in as many dates as we can, since pretty soon they will probably be getting a little fewer and far between.


also, got to sneak in a girl date!


i showed this to natalie, since its sadly so true, and sure enough a couple of nights later philip asked if i wanted to watch a movie and was like “really, now?”.. it was only 7:00. pathetic. :)


so, i started this semester of my student teaching with kindergarten. loved that class! well, one day the kids were paired up and asked to draw a picture of their partner. oh man, the little boy drew a picture of a girl. yes, that is supposed to be a girl! i think she was a little offended because she came up to me and the teacher and said he wasn’t making the picture look like her. i don’t blame her! i nicely told the boy that maybe he should make a new picture because her eyes aren’t blue. gotta say, we got a GOOD kick out of this! my teacher let me keep this as a parting gift, haha. speaking of school, 3 weeks left! THREE weeks!!!! can’t come soon enough.


philip is on a job hunt. if anyone knows of anything, holla! :)

we’ve really been enjoying our foundation group. it’s been really nice to get to know other couples in the same stage as us. our baby will be the third one added to our group already! :)


well. guess that pretty much sums up what’s been going on. in a nutshell :)