Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birthday Girl

Now that things are finally, kinda, slowing down.. my hope is to get caught up on blogging/pictures. There are so many from different occasions I want to document, from months ago up till now.. hopefully I’ll get to them all this week! Hopefully..

First up: my sweet little baby went ahead and turn 4 years old!! I seriously can’t believe its been 4 years already. Sometimes, after she’s already fallen asleep in her bed, I’ll just go lay next to her and look at her, and the last 4 years just flash through my mind… its really just amazing the little girl she has turned into from that little baby that she once was. As much as I miss the baby and toddler years, I really am loving this stage (I think I always say that no matter how old she is! ha!) She is so independent, sweet, decisive, helpful, stubborn!, and funny! She is starting to get sarcasm, its pretty funny what she comes up with! There are days all she wants is me, and then others when I’m just an after thought- content in doing her own thing. I love how she’s totally into things now.. like, she’ll see something on TV or at the store and really take notice. She picks out things she wants or likes without me pointing something out to her. Some of the things she gravitates to really surprise me sometimes! I constantly catch her singing, kiddie songs or songs from the radio. She is always saying “I can do it by my own self”- so I try and let her as much as possible. She loves games- board games, card games, made up games.. doesn’t matter! She is looking older, losing even more of her baby face, which I hate and love. Can’t wait to see how she “turns out” ;) Lately, she’ll go into her room to play or watch cartoons and shut her door.. isn’t that what teenagers do??? So, I quickly have to remind her that the door stays open! Oh that girl, love her so much!! But, not to sound like she is this perfect little angel that does no wrong (hate when people make their kids out like that) there are plenty of times she drives me crazy with the attitude, the “I don’t want to/like it”, the begging for something after I’ve said no, the not always obeying, etc. She’s not perfect, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives, or at least, that’s what I focus on. Once she really understands, and accepts, that I’m the boss, I’m always right, and I always know better, then we won’t have any problems! Ha! ;)

Ok.. on to the party pics! This year, we went with a butterfly theme. It was a perfect weather day, which was great so that everyone could play outside! :)



DSC_0439DSC_0440DSC_0441DSC_0442 DSC_0444DSC_0445     DSC_0479  DSC_0446DSC_0448DSC_0449

Annual picture by the birthday sign:


Unplanned twinkies:



Outdoor playing:


Cookie decorating:





The “men” decorating cookies:






Cake time:


Checking out the Stompeez:


Future husband ;)


Cousin Collin :)


Thank you to everyone who came! Aubrey had a blast and was super blessed with all of her gifts and just by y’all being there :)

On her actual birthday…

First thing that morning, she got to open presents!

A unicorn pillow to go with her unicorn stompeez! As much as she wanted those stompeez (which she asked for all the time) she loved this pillow!! Go figure :)


Then, we all headed out for donuts!



Then, I decided to take her to school because they always do a little party for the birthday person.. but, after a couple of hours I went back to get her! :)



After that, we went back home for lunch and naps.. before I was going to surprise her with going to the movies! But, she took forever falling asleep, so when I needed to wake her up I had to tell her what the plan was so that she would actually wake up.. she chose sleep over the movie!! But, then, of course, woke up just as the movie was about to start and said she wanted to go! So, we did :)

IMG_4245  IMG_4252IMG_4254

Then, later, we stopped by Grandma’s were she got another gift and had dinner!


Then, back home for bed.. her first night as a 4 year old :) IMG_4261

Still can’t believe she’s gone from this.. to this in just a blink of an eye!!

IMG_4232  IMG_4225

Can’t get enough of that girl! :)