Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Opinions/Suggestions Welcome!

Pink eye update: GONE! Yippee! Still a little stuffy nose, but, other than that we're good to go!

Daycare is still going good. Although, she is going through some major separation anxiety! With her now being 13 months I figured we were way past that and she just never had a problem with it, but then I started thinking about it and she started getting that way towards the end of MDO in December. Just a little fussy when she was dropped off, didn't think too much of it though. Then she was home until beginning of January, so that probably didn't help. She actually did really well the first week of daycare. But really, its anywhere we go. Church nursery, at the house if I leave the room, doesn't matter where or who we are with- she wants me! Its a little exhausting at times, and makes me really sad. If it was only happening at the daycare I would be way concerned, but, its anywhere. She just clings to me for dear life, starts crying, doesn't want to be put down, the works. At church the other night, I dropped her off in the nursery and she was pretty upset. So I waited outside the door for a few minutes till she calmed down. About 20 minutes later I walked outside and could see her room through the window, and she was sitting on the floor with one of the teachers with some toys. She seemed content, so I went up to my class (MoneyWise!). About 40 minutes into the class they called me to come and get her! First time I've ever had to do that! Apparently she just would not calm down. She would act like she was going to fall asleep then wake up crying. Poor kid. Seriously broke my heart.
I think I'll be leaving her with my mom during the rest of the class now.
Hopefully all of this will pass soon.. its just sucks! Makes us so both pretty sad.

Also, lately I've been noticing more that Aubrey has some in-toeing going on (a nice way to say pigeon toed!). I've looked up some stuff about it, and everything I've read so far says that she'll grow out of it and it will correct itself. Unless, its severe enough for some medical intervention. A lot of the time its from how they were positioned in the womb, or their shin is turned, or her knees and hips are turned! Possibly her shins or how she was in the womb, would be my guesses anyway. Her right foot is turned in more than her left. She walks just fine though, and has been since about 9 1/2 months! But, I feel like its not getting better though. People say high top shoes may help.. so I may look and see if I can find some? Anyone have any thoughts on this?? If she wasn't walking good or tripping a lot I would be way more worried, but, that really isn't the case.. it just looks uncomfortable. I think I will make her a doctor appt. this week hopefully. I switched pedi's, so we'll see what his opinion is.

Ok, on to some pics :)

The other night after dinner we all fixed ourselves some ice cream, and heaven forbid we do not give Aubrey hers first! She decided picking up the chunk of ice cream would be a lot more efficient than using a spoon!She got pretty messy! I think she got a brain freeze at one point, because she got real upset!
Little stinker got so messy and fussy I had to give her a bath before I even had my first bite! They even saved mine in the freezer, but I never made it back to it :( lol.

After her bath, put on her jammies and let her brush her teeth! She loves brushing her teeth! Hopefully that will carry on as she gets older!

I think its hilarious how she holds her toothbrush! Night-Night!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I meant to put these up a while back, well.. I guess not that long ago, but my brother told me to go to the pond because it was frozen over.. shouldn't these ducks be freezing?!?

One night, me, Aubrey and my sister went over to our friend Amanda's.. Aubrey and Jake had a lot of fun.. until Aubrey had a complete melt down! I'm still not really sure what the problem was..?? Aubrey sharing? Or Jake helping himself? Let's go with the first :)

She really enjoyed the slide!

Jake: "Move it or lose it!" SO.. starting Thursday, Aubrey had a really yucky nose and her eyes were just not looking all that great, but, didn't think too much of it.. until Friday morning! This kid looked bad. Made her a dr. appt- pink eye!! Total bummer! (Speaking of bummers.. why do kids always get sick when you have something planned or really looking forward to doing something?? This ain't the first time Little Miss.. :) )

I really do feel super bad for her, up until mid afternoon today has her eyes still looked pretty bad! And she is really congested- which I hate! She's been on her meds since Friday night, so, she's not contagious anymore.. right?? (I don't really know a whole lot about pink eye)
Robert had some friends over, with them all knowing Aubrey had pink eye- teenagers! Aubrey wanted to play with them so bad.. she looked so pitiful.. :( Poor little thing. Good thing she's finally moving past this.. no fun!
So we basically just stayed home all weekend, well, except for my trip to the store for diapers! Ha!
She's a trooper though! :) On a happier note though, I got my canvas print in! The Canvas People are giving away a FREE 8x10 canvas print- so I took them up! I went with a pic from her first birthday! My mom wants to hang it next to all the canvas pictures of me and my siblings when we were one- we're all sitting in a wooden chair holding a book, pretty cute :)
I think that about catches me up to date. She goes back to daycare tomorrow.. pray all goes well :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Growing Up!

So, Monday was Aubrey's first day at daycare! I was a little nervous. As I had been looking at different daycares, I kept comparing them to the one I used to work at and the classroom I was in. But, I was in the infant room.. which Aubrey is no longer in. She is now in the toddler room! So, I kept thinking of how things were supposed to be done, until I reminded myself that to think of the next class up. In her class, they provide all her snacks and lunch (nice!) and she sleeps on a mat! I was really nervous about that, because obviously she doesn't sleep on one at home, but, they say she is sleep the full two hours! I'm not surprised though- she is a great sleeper! Well, I'm not surprised with the length, just that she actually slept on the mat! ha! According to her teachers, she is eating good, sleeping good and playing with the other kids good! Yay! What else is there?! :) And, they have their own little outdoor play area when the weather is nice.. so thats cool, I know she'll love that! Every time we leave the house or get out of the car to come into the house, she throws herself out of my arms so she can run around in the yard.. she gets so excited! I love it! Also, she is really starting to imitate more words and sounds now. Supposedly, she has said "juice" multiple times at daycare, but I've yet to hear it. Hmm. Although, she did almost say "milk" and "grandma".. we're getting closer! She does say (over and over!) "goo-ka" or "coo-ka"??? Haven't quite figured out what that means yet?! lol. Let's see.. she loves to be chased around! And now she is running from us! Its so funny, I'll have to get a video! And, no matter where we are, if I say "lay down"- she does! She's even laid down on Jed's (our dog!) back! Crazy kid!
I'm sure there are some other new things going on in her world, but, I can't think at the moment- distracted by her and Collin playing like crazy people with some toy in here! She loves her cousin!!

Ok, well onto some completely unrelated pictures :)

Just having fun outside!Then, we took the fun inside.. the light coming through her window made for some cool pics.. I think, anyway :)

And, my newest favorite! I'm going to enlarge it and hang it in her room- I just love how happy she looks- and with her crazy new smile! haha!
Just a few after church this past Sunday.. aren't those shoes the cutest!? ;)Again, with the crazy smile :)I'm pretty sure this was the same Sunday during her nap.. thats a new position!
OH! (I started working on this last night) so, today, when I picked Aubrey up from daycare they told me she didn't sleep good today, which I thought was a little odd since she had been. Well, apparently she was being too loud playing at nap time and they took her down to the office for her nap!! LOL! Which, the director was holding her and she totally passed out! 1 year old and already sent to the office..

Ok, that's it! Till next time..