Monday, October 22, 2012


Pretty sure this is the busiest October I’ve ever had!! Lots of parties going on- birthdays to bachelorettes to baby showers- fun fun!! :)

To start off- Philip turns 31! I’m marrying an old man ;)

His birthday is Oct. 9, but the Sunday before I threw him a surprise dinner and then games and dessert back at our house. Somehow he said he had a feeling something was up, but I really have no idea?! Nothing was out of the ordinary that we had done. Grr. Oh well :)

First, we went to eat at Texas Road House where Sarah/Jeff, Amanda/David, Jenny/Brent and Emily/Mario joined- his friends from Ft. Worth unfortunately weren’t able to make it :( But, we still had fun.. even though we needed walkie-talkies to talk to the other side of the group since they split our tables up! >:/ who does that?! Lammmeee. If you have a party of more than 6, don’t go there.


I knew better than to have the waitress do something for Philip’s bday, once he saw them coming he literally pointed his knife at me! Haha! But, it was Amanda, NOT me! :) He had to get on the saddle and basically yell “Yee-Haw!” I love David’s face in the background, haha. Philip knew I’d take a pic, that’s why he wasn’t looking towards me ;) All that humiliation and not even a free dessert.. lame again.


After dinner we headed to the house for dessert and “Cranium”.. that was entertaining!! David and Amanda had to leave early to get to the kiddos, so no pics of them :(                         

  IMG_3328 IMG_3341  IMG_3343  IMG_3344

Oh Jeff…

We were acting out mud wrestling :)

On his actual birthday, he came over and we just hung out. :)

He looked totally creepy in this first pic, haha!

IMG_3363IMG_3364IMG_3412 (2)IMG_3367

Aubrey drew him a picture of our family. Aren’t we cute?? ;)

Happy Birthday babe, look forward to celebrating many more with you!! :))


The following weekend- Amanda turns 30!!

I love that I’m the youngest of the bunch. ;)

We headed out to Southern Junction to dance the night away! photo 3photo 1

Getting ready for the fire ;)

photo 4photo 5

Happy Birthday Amanda!!

Still have one more party to attend- Jenny’s boy Caden is 3! And.. Mine!! Though, mine is getting overshadowed a bit, haha! No worries- if its gonna be, wedding prep is a good reason! Can’t believe I’m about to be 27!!


And, hello, less than 2 weeks people!!! SO ready and excited!! :))))

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Great State Fair of Texas


I love going to the Fair. I didn’t grow up going every year, so it was always a treat when we did go. I really wanted Aubrey to go (since she’d never been, and she’s at an age to better appreciate it) but I wasn’t sure if it would happen.. its expensive y’all! ;) But, luckily it worked out and we planned to go… on the coldest day! :/ After much debate.. we opted to go for it- and I’m glad we did! :)

I swear, we could go to a trash can and Aubrey wouldn’t care as long as we took the train! (the Dart.. which she actually calls the bus, haha) The last time we took it we went to the Zoo, so she kept thinking that’s where we were going.. and then we went to the petting zoo area, so then she really was confused! ha!

Excited as can be to be on Dart train :)


I brought my real camera.. but, the “on” button got switched on, so, no battery for me. :( iphone pics it is.

As soon as we walked in, it started to rain.. so we booked it to the barn area. She loved the bunnies- some of those suckers were huge.

IMG_3255  IMG_3257

Passing through to our next destination, the Jump dog show had just ended so the dogs were out walking around and Aubrey just took it upon herself to start playing frizbee with them- not sure if the dogs or Aubrey enjoyed it more ;) We decided to come back to catch the next show!

IMG_3258  IMG_3259

Just love her excitement!

Then, to the petting zoo. After that giraffe like attacked her hand- we shot over to the sanitizer! ;)

IMG_3265  IMG_3269IMG_3270 IMG_3272

I love how camels look like they’re smiling :)

IMG_3276  IMG_3282

Philip with his favorite, buffalo. Or, bison? Can’t remember now.. haha. Same difference right? ;)


And, the-much-bigger-than-I-thought, porcupine!


My, Aubrey’s favorite- The PeeWee Stampede! This was the cutest and funniest thing. Each kid got their own number, hat and horse. All the kids were so excited, and they didn’t even really know what they were doing, haha!

IMG_3287 IMG_3288IMG_3289  IMG_3291

Getting ready to make their grand entrance…   

IMG_3293  IMG_3311

Kids were broken up into different groups and activities (bull riding, barrel racing, bull tipping??) Aubrey’s group just had to come out and basically tip the bull over.. well, other groups that went before her rode around more, so I think that’s what she had in her head.. bc that’s what she did!! It was so funny!

IMG_3314 IMG_3315IMG_3316 IMG_3317IMG_3318  

Clearly, she didn’t win the trophy, but she did get a ribbon that she was sure proud of!


Love that girl!


Took a break to eat, nothing too crazy, sausage and chicken on a stick, and of course, funnel cake! Though, I did want to go back and get the deep fried moon pie!! ;)

I asked Aubrey to take a pic, and she just looked at me and said “I can’t smile with food in my mouth!” Well.. true.

IMG_3300  IMG_3304

Our little fam.


Next year, we’ll go back when its not quite as cold, windy and rainy! Crankiness set in pretty quick (by all, haha). Didn’t make it to the rides (Aubrey was just tooo tired, smack during nap time).. luckily a few days later, her daddy and granny took her again and hit up things that we didn’t.. so, she got a great overall trip to the fair! :)


Yay for the fair!! :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Girl


Pretty long overdue on a post about Aubrey. So here we go :)

Some of her favorite things right now: singing, singing, and more singing, reading books, playing dress up, making up (quite imaginative!) stories, dancing around like a wild child, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and toast with honey- if I would let her, that’s all she’d eat- toast!!

She is also really starting to verbally express her feelings. For the longest, if I told her no to something, or got on to her, she would stand there with her arms folded and say in her “most upset” voice, “I’m mean at you!” Which means, she’s mad at me because I was “mean”, haha. Now, if I get on to her, she will say I didn’t talk nice, or that I’m making her cry or sad, or that if I say “stop that” or “no” that those are bad words. Which, is her trying to tell me that I’ve hurt her feelings or that my stern voice doesn’t sound nice… but, my dear, that’s the way that works. ;) Sometimes, I can admit, she might be justified in her saying I didn’t talk nice, but, I’ll tell ya- sometimes my patience point has reached its max! haha. But, I do explain to her that what I’m saying isn’t a bad word or that I didn’t mean to make her sad, but that she needs to learn to listen and obey.. and all that good stuff. After I explain, she’s usually all good :)

I know I put this on FB, but I want to document it here too, and it goes with the emotion talk. The other night, Aubrey was just playing around the living room, everyone minding their own, when she just starts stomping around and huffing saying “Ugh, I’m just so mad!” We’d ask why, concerned at first, but after she kept ignoring us and continuing with her rant, we realized she’s just messing around. So, she keeps saying she’s so mad and then “Ugh, I’m so mad! Someone! Please, pray for me so I’ll be happy!!” HAHA! So glad to know that a prayer can make all the difference :)


We don’t have cable at “the married” house, so we’re back to Qubo! I actually really like this channel.. don’t have to worry about real sarcastic or mean cartoons, these are just nice and educational ;) So, on this channel, they play an infomercial for these slippers called “stomppies”, I think? Something like that. Anyway, I never thought Aubrey really paid attention but when we were at Target the other day, on one of the end caps she saw them! I was looking at something else and then all of a sudden I hear “"Ohhh! Stomppies!! My favorite!” Haha. She is super dramatic and enthusiastic! Even with all of her pleading and telling me which ones she wanted.. I didn’t get them. Hello, birthday and Christmas are coming up! ;)


Her favorite phrase right now is “You have got to be kidding me!” And, she uses it at just the right times.. always takes me off guard, but, its pretty funny when she says it.

I think there is a little bit of jealousy springy up in dealing with Philip. She loves being around him, playing with him, or just asking about him a lot. But, I’ve noticed lately that if me and Philip kiss or hug in front of her, she wants a kiss and hug too, or if Philip and I are sitting next to each other, she’ll come sit by me too. She has not in the least bit acted out or thrown fits about me and Philip, but just that anything we do, she wants to do also. Its pretty sweet actually. So, we’re sure to always include her in whatever we’re doing! :)

I think the transition to the new house will be much better than once anticipated. She loves being here and asks everyday if we’re going to “the married” house. She already knows she is going to have a new room here and we’ve already brought some of her stuff over. She is very comfortable here, which has brought such a peace to me!!

She is also way excited about the wedding, and pretty much brings it up everyday. She keeps saying she is going to have a princess dress like me :)  Unfortunately, the dress I have envisioned for her apparently does not exist.. so, for now, I’ve chosen something else, but I’m still keeping my eye out for what I’d really like for her! (these are the times that I really wish I knew how to sew! haha)


After the wedding shower, my “veil” was still out, so Aubrey got a hold of it, and loved it :)

IMG_3161      IMG_3162

We’ve been playing lots of games lately, and will soon be putting into effect Family Game Night. Should be fun! :)

IMG_3150    IMG_3152   IMG_3154

While we were playing the above game, Aubrey flips over two cards, sooo sure she was going to have a match, but she picked one of the wrong ones, she looks at them, screams, and as she falls backward (in such defeat) yells out, “What have I done?!” LOL. Where does she come up with these things? :)

I also, really, love that she has not learned the meaning of competition yet. While we were playing that game, she would flip over cards when it wasn’t her turn to get the matches that she knew, but instead of finding them and then keeping them, she would say “Here you go, Mom, I found one for you!” She did this over and over. It wasn’t at all about who had the most matches or actually won, and I so appreciate that in her.

Always climbing the tree out front!! And yes, she has a lei on, no idea why.


In her own little world. She loves to stack, organize, group.. whatever. I’m sure there was a system and purpose to whatever she was doing :) I love watching her like this though, makes me wonder what’s going on in that little mind of hers.


All about the silly faces. And sweet giggles.

IMG_3108  IMG_3116 IMG_2831        

She so enjoys her school. In the 3 years she’s been there, I think she’s only gotten in trouble once or twice. And, that was in the first classroom she was in. She get’s along with all the kids and talks all the time about whatever teacher she has. It is such a blessing, and another peace, that I know she likes being there, does very well, and is learning so much. We both really like the themed days.. red and yellow day! ;) 


Caught her, before she saw me or one of the kids yelled out I was there- they always do that :/ haha. Playing dress up in home center??

IMG_3065    IMG_3066           

Super burry, but, my little princess cowgirl ;)


She also really enjoys her new bike, but, unfortunately with all the mosquitos, we haven’t ridden much outside lately. The mosquitos like her like they like me… way too much! Hopefully the cool front coming this weekend will knock them outta here!!! (here’s to hoping..)

Anxiously watching Philip put her bike together!


DSC_2650  DSC_2653


Practicing letters. (sorry so blurry) please take note of the pronunciation of “ice cream” ;)

Alright, guess that sums up a smidge of her right now! I know I’m leaving sooo much off, but, its time for me to go take her to her dads. Still hate it when she’s gone. But I know she enjoys her time there. And, its nice to have a little quiet time every now and then ;) I know it’s the “normal” way of doing things, but I can’t imagine what it’ll be like to have my next kids with me 24/7!! Ahh!!! heehee. Ohhh Grandma….. ;)