Monday, June 17, 2013

And baby makes 4!

Well, now that is completely official, I better start documenting!



From the beginning:

This was planned. Shockingly, we were blessed with only having to try for one month. I honestly did not think I was. I kept looking for any sign or symptom, and anything I felt could have easily been compared to PMS. So, I decided to go ahead and take a test, technically 1 day earlier than I was supposed to. To my complete amazement, 2 lines showed up!! Instant tears. Pretty faint though… so over the next few days I took a total of 5 tests! HAHA! I know, I’ve been through this before, and I know any line means “yes”, but, I just kept comparing everything to when I was pregnant with Aubrey and nothing matched! Aubrey’s test might as well have been a neon sign with how bright and fast it showed up, and I had every text book symptom with her, even before I took a test. Basically, I need to stop comparing because nothing is the same except there is a baby in there! :))))

I took the first test while Philip was outside in the backyard working on stuff but did not tell him until the next night. Torture. I wanted to do something a little creative for him, and I wanted to take another test in the morning. So, I photo screened some pictures on my phone of little comic joke things and that next night while we were in bed I just casually gave him the phone and told him there were some funny pictures I wanted him to see. He scrolled through them with the last one landing on the pic of the positive pregnancy tests. He looked at it for a few seconds, then looked back at me, I just smiled. Then he was like “Wait…” He was a little slow at catching on… haha. But, he was excited!


I wanted to wait until I went to the doctor before I made it FB official… even though tons of people already knew. I just can’t keep a secret ;) Doctor said everything looked perfect and the baby had a heartbeat of 163- I’m hoping the old wives tale will work in my favor on that one- girl! Though, I last night I did have a dream I had a boy!! Ha! Though, really, I will be just as happy either way. I just want Aubrey to have a sister as close in age as possible… but, I also do want a boy at some point, so, either way is just fine with me :)

Amazing. The size of a raspberry and it already totally looks like a baby!!


When we told Aubrey, she was a bit confused to say the least. She asked if she had a baby in her tummy too. Sweet girl. She is now pretty aware and even made an announcement to her class at school that her momma has a baby in her tummy! :) She is dead set on it being a girl (sibling intuition??). I can’t wait to see her as a big sister- I know she will love it! Though, I’m sure there will be a little jealousy at first. It is a little weird to think she won’t be the only one anymore. By the time the baby comes, it will have been only her for 5 years! It will be a change for us all ;)

My new lock screen pic for my phone- love it! IMG_5980


So, let’s see, some symptom's/cravings I have been having:

-Right away I had trouble sleeping. Even before I found out. It’s like all of a sudden I couldn’t get comfortable, I’d toss and turn, get hot… not typical at all. Which, is really weird, bc its not like the baby was making me that way, it was like the size of a dot! Ha! Sleeping has gotten a little better… either that, or I’ve just figured out how to get comfortable now. If I already feel this way now, its going to really suck in a few months! :) That was the only “sign” something was different. Like I said, I didn’t at all think I was.

-boobs got sore, bad sore, starting may 11th. just now starting to get some relief. I’ll be glad when that’s over!

-smells have not really been a problem at all. Every now and then something will smell stronger, but never to where it makes me feel sick. Except garlic. Ugh!!

-I’ve pretty much been able to eat normally. Every now and then I won’t be able to finish something, like I just get totally turned off by it mid eating. I thought milk was going to be a problem for a while, luckily that went away. That would have been AWFUL. I crave stuff more than I dislike stuff. My first real craving was for sonic- chicken strip sandwich and fries. haha! We were at community group and its all I could think about the whole time, as soon as we left, we went to Sonic! I do not remember having cravings like this with Aubrey at all. I really like cold stuff, fruit, salads, popsicles, jello, pudding, LEMONADE, and lot’s of ice water. Though, I’ll never turn down a good pizza! ;)

-Emotional!!! For a few weeks I was constantly on the verge of tears. I just felt sad, and really, kind of depressed. It was really strange and I did not like it at. all. I do still get emotional, but, its not quite so bad now though. I say that, but just a couple of days ago, Philip and I went to an antique store, I needed to go to the bathroom (which was broken), my legs were burnt to a crisp and killing me, and I was getting tired… I told him we needed to leave bc I was about to start crying! There have been other instances where I’ve cried with no reason at all- so annoying. I feel so stupid for crying but I just can’t stop myself. I know Philip must think I’m a crazy person ;)

-Potty breaks like crazy!! I told Philip our toilet paper bill is going to go up, haha.

-Definitely been pretty tired. For a while I was taking a nap almost every day, but that has dwindled down.

Guess that’s about it on that.

Pictures. Let me just give a disclaimer, or something… For a while I was pretty bloated, so it made me seem like I was showing more than I really was. Also, I did not start off with a flat stomach, I know- shocking ;) so, that has definitely played a part I think. I just feel kinda silly that I think I’m actually legitimately showing now- at only 9 weeks! Though, some outfits make me look more pregnant than others- some just make me look fat and frumpy, haha. So, really it just depends on what I’m wearing. But, I’d say there is a bump there. Still a mushy bump, but, a bump none the less ;) Most of my clothes (shorts and pants) don’t really fit, just tight and uncomfortable, but maternity clothes are still too big, so I’m in that awkward annoying stage. Yay. So, I’ve decided to just embrace it all- you’re supposed to show faster with the second one anyway, right?! :)


So, these were taken 1 day apart. The skirt the second day. Outfit really does make a difference! Top outfit was all non-maternity. Bottom outfit just the shirt was maternity  (didn’t need it, just felt like wearing it)- and, before I had eaten anything! Crazy.



Guess there really is a little baby in there! ;)

We are all so excited about this little baby. January seems so far away, but I know it will be here in no time! So, for now we are going to savor our time as a family of 3 :)