Monday, February 15, 2010

Lot's of Pics!

So, this past week Aubrey had an extended stay at her dads. Wednesday 4pm- Sunday 12:30pm. The longest I had ever been apart from her. And let me tell ya, it wasn't my favorite! Although, I did do alot better than I thought I would, except I think I was a little extra moodier :) I really started missing her on Friday. 3 full days without seeing her- rough!! The reason she was there so long is because I asked if I could keep her with me on his weekend because she was sick and on a bunch of meds. So, we kinda switched things around. He was supposed to get her Wed-Thurs anyway, so we just tagged on the replacement weekend. I was extra bummed because I completely missed out on all the playing in the snow with her!! Grr! But, Daniel was nice and sent me a couple of pictures, and I think he's going to either show me some on his camera or print me some? I couldn't really tell what he meant, lol. So this is all I got:The have a bunch of land, I bet it was really pretty! (and, I must say, she needs to be bundled up more!)
Because I was obligated to have a lot of extra alone time, I figured I would take advantage and be real productive: clean, organize, scrapbook, errands better done alone.. but.. no! Not a single thing on that list was accomplished! Well, some cleaning, but nothing to brag about! haha. Instead, Wed. me and Lauren Smith went over to some friends of hers to hang outand I stayed out way too late! Went to work on about 4 hours of sleep! Thursday went to work then basically bummed around the house during the blizzard! And, went to bed early :) Friday, no work! So me and Smith went to Chick-fil-A, Old Navy and Target! Spent more money than I should have, oops! My mom always says I go shopping when I don't have Aubrey.. guess its true! haha. Then! it was time for mine and Lauren's big night out! Cheesecake Factory and Valentine's Day!! Which, that ended up being a way late night too! Dinner was absolutely delicious! And the best part was the cheesecake, of course! Godiva Chocolate to be exact! When we took our first bite we just about melted.. soo good! I told her it was only comparable to one thing! LOL!
And, the movie was really good! I know I've heard some people say it wasn't, but I disagree. I enjoyed it :)
Then, work again on Saturday (when I wasn't supposed to!) then, went and got my hair done at my sisters salon! Yay! We stayed after it closed so Emily had me wash her hair in those sinks.. let's just say I do not have a future in a salon! I sprayed the water everywhere! Then, later that night me and Emily went out to Chili's. Then back to bed! :) Sunday went quickly- thank goodness because I was dying to see her! So we went home and played a while, but she quickly wore herself out! So, while she napped me and my sisters went and saw Dear John. Which.. was ok. I was expecting alot better! But, still good. Channing Tatum reminds me alot of Josh Harnett! Ow Ow! Haha! By the time we got back home Aubrey had only been up for like 30 minutes! Good timing!
I was pretty busy while she was away, just not very productive :)

Side note: I got another sweet deal thanks to Jessica Turners blog- FREE collage print from Walgreens! And since I picked it up, it was actually completely free! And, I got the 8x10 too! Nice :)

Aubrey during bath time- she just chews on every letter..
Collin loves playing with her while she's in the bath! Ain't he cute? :)
Tryin a new 'do!Sweetie-Petey
Look at all that hair! :)
Silly!Leaving my house for work Thursday morning- yes, its still dark out!
Out in Grapevine running errands and deliveries for work, so pretty!
Home from work! What a difference!Mine and Lauren's night out!
THE desert! :)
These were from last night, in her new Old Navy pajamas for $2.00!!
She was watching the Olymics
Playing with Grandma's phoneI think you're just a bit big for that sweetie :)
To end, my brother was really sweet on Valentines and bought me and my sisters each a rose. Yes, just one, he said they were expensive! haha! He's 18, its the thought that counts! :)

I think I'm caught up now! Peace! :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


What a week!! Aubrey has been sick all week, well, basically ever since she got pink eye! She started getting better then totally went downhill again. This past weekend she was just soo fussy, off-and-on temp (nothing real high though) just not herself so took her to the doc this past monday- lots of congestion and a slight ear infection in one ear. Got some meds and started her on them. Tuesday picked her up from school- broke out in some crazy rash all over her back and stomach/chest! Back to the doc. Tells me its probably viral or a reaction to the antibiotic, so we stop the antibiotic and give her a steroid. By the next day the rash is gone. Goes back to school wednesday, things seem to be a little better. Until that night. About 2 am I hear her crying in her bed, a cry I had never heard before! I rushed in there and went to pick her up when I felt it. Throw up.. everywhere. Here we go. As soon as I pick her up she just lays down on me. Poor kid. I take her to the bathroom to clean her up while my mom so wonderfully stripped her bed. Put some new pajamas on her and try to get her to drink some pedilyte. She lays down with me for a while then I put her back in her bed. (Makes me too nervous to have her sleep with me) Meanwhile, all day wednesday I'm not feeling so hot either. So, we both stay home Thursday. I was pretty excited because Aubrey decided to sleep in- which meant momma got to sleep in! So, about 10ish (oh yeah!) I go in there to check on her, shes just laying there with her eyes open so I sneak out real fast to go the bathroom before I get her up. Go back in there.. reach for her.. feel it. BUT, not our familiar friend from the night, this time it came out the other end- everywhere again. Take a deep breath and start the process all over again. And a good bath! She just keeps being kinda clingy and whiney. That ended up being the only traces of either of those, thank goodness! The rest of the day went on fairly smoothly, well, as smooth as all things considering. Friday, my mom stayed home with her (just to be safe) and I went to work.. for a few hours. I felt so nauseous the whole time. And, apparently my mom was having the same issues. Thanks Aubrey. :) We were a pitiful bunch on friday!! But, I'm good to go today and Aubrey is getting there. She is napping now.. hopefully she'll wake up happy!
Ready to be out of house arrest.
And, for my happy, giggly baby to be back!

On a completely unrelated topic..
Today while driving down 635, I hit some traffic. Well, in the lane next to me is this guy in a new Honda Civic, he looks over at me.. I avert my eyes! He gets a little ahead of me when I notice him dangling something out his window.. A KNIFE!! Like a switch blade! At least a 6 inch blade- what the heck! He's just swinging it around and pointing at peoples cars! He's being totally crazy! So, I write down his license plate and call 911. Tell the lady what was going on, she asked if he was "white, black or hispanic"? Aren't there other races? Odd. I tell her "white with red hair" lol. Anyway, I could tell some of the other cars were a little weirded out by him too, so hopefully they got some more calls on this crazy person. I mean, who swings a knife out of their car?! He could have easily scraped someones car! Scary...

Also, a sweet bonus for myself: I ordered about 200 pictures to be printed, and 190 of them were FREE!! I signed up as a new member to some sites and they both gave free prints, plus one was also offering an additional 100 prints free! Yayay! Although, I did have to pay shipping, which together was about $12, which come to about .06 cents each, cheaper than anywhere else! The two places I went were Snapfish and clarkcolor. These print tips and my canvas picture I got were both great tips from themomcreative blog- check it out!
Now, I have lots of scrapbooking to do!!

Well, I haven't really taken many pictures this week, but I'll put up what I got :)

Ok, these aren't pics of her brushing her teeth again, ok they are, but, they are to point out how curly her hair is!! I love it! Some days it gets really curly.. some days not so much. I hope it keeps!

And, then these were from this past weekend (before it all went bad!) This girl was in desperate need of some shoes, so we went shopping! Bigfoot is now in a size 5! Sheesh :)What a cutie ;)Can't end without a sleeping pic. heehee.. :)Ok.. I think I'm going to fix some coffee and relax till little bit wakes!!