Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sweet baby love

Can I just say how much I'm loving Aubrey right now??
I mean, I always love her, but, lately she has this whole new personality that is just great! She is just seeming so much older, she's copying everything, its like she's really "getting" things now. She has been such a momma's girl, really for a while now. So, when we're laying in my bed at night, not everynight!, when I tell her "night night" that's her cue to start up her questions! Never fails. "Momma, shuhghshgs shoe?" "Momma, uikhs hihdhdg cookie?" And, she'll say momma until I finally say "yes?". Its pretty cute.. but takes forever to end! And, after she has been climbing all over me for 20 minutes, I'll ask her "you want to sleep with momma or in your bed?" and now she answers "bed" :( Or as we're getting ready for bed I'll tell her to go to her bed, and she will, no problemo. Sometimes I want her to sleep with me.. but, noooo. :)
My little baby is getting to be a big girl!
Everyday there is a new word she's learned, or new sound, or new anything! She is all about her shoes too. She grabs whatever pair, was her white dress shoes till they started getting dirty!, and she'll put them on herself and usually on the right foot, impressive :)
When I ask her something and she answers yes, it comes out so dramatic and slightly like a valley-girl, "chyeah!" Seriously. I need to get video :)
She is just so silly sometimes. Gotta love that girl.

After naptime. She was just dyin' laughing!

She was actually looking at the camera.. amazing.

girlfriend has such a big mouth. :) I snuck this video through her door after she woke from her nap.
If only I knew what was going on in that little mind of hers.. :)

AND, speaking of sweet babies.. My friend Morgan finally had hers! Just a mere 5 days past her due date!
Sophia Brooke, coming in at a whopping 8lbs 15oz. I could sooo feel her pain :)
I think I need one. ;)
Oh.. sweet girls. I could just eat em up! :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Longer than I was planning..

Ever have one of those moments where you have been so looking forward to it because you just know it's going to be so great and what could go wrong?? Well, I had that moment.

I purchased tickets, pretty early in advance, to take Aubrey to see Veggie Tales Live! She really loves the dvd's I have, so I knew this would be a hit. Sarah and Collin joined in as well.
So the day arrives, this past Friday, and it could not have been a more annoying day. Stuck in an hour and half traffic on my way home, which pretty much put me in a rush the rest of the day. And, I pretty much lived in the car... and I hate driving. Going all around town getting Collin and Aubrey from school, get them home to change their clothes, fits are rampant, leave.. starts raining.. headache. Why does my Veggie Tales day have to be going sooo badly??? So.. we meet up with Sarah, tell her she is driving. We get to Prestonwood church, and its already pretty packed. Get some seats. Ok, this is going to be good. :) Except for the fact that apparently Prestonwood hid their one and only changing table and I never found it! Seriously?! Show starts, and for the first good bit Aubrey just sits in my lap and watches. No expressions, but, whatev. Collin is enjoying it, so it all finally seems worth it! That's when Sarah tells me its TWO hours long! From 7-9pm.. with a bunch of little kids.. uh, right. After intermission the whole place kinda went downhill. Kids are running up and down the aisles. And, just a little side note, I personally was a little bummed that the only props they had were like 5 of the characters in their costumes. They had the vidoes to the songs they sang playing on jumbo screens. Sarah said "So, this is basically the dvd you have?" Lesson learned. Oh.. and my vision of getting all these really cute pics of Collin and Aubrey.. psh. You'll see. I won't say the entire show was a waste, because when they did sing the whole place joined in and it was pretty cool! But... don't think I'll go again :) Ok, here's the evidence of the night:
waiting for the show to start. Pretty sure they "colored" every tithe envelope!
Veggie Tales!Aubrey enthralled.I thought she was going to fall asleep.. she just was so relaxed. haha. post intermission.this one of Collin cracks me up! He's "dancing". And, he'll so appreciate this when he's older :)
tried to get a pic of the two. I told Collin just sit there and smile the whole time, in case Aubrey decided to cooperate too. I love how he's smiling.. yet, trying to look to see if she is. I told him to tickle her.Why even bother? :)
The End. Ok, ok... moving on.

Just a little randomness now:
Sunday morning before church. I just love this dress that was my little cousins, I have a great photoshoot idea with this dress :)She wore those shoes allll day. She kept putting them on herself too! Saturday, we got to hang out with Jake! Pretty sure he wasn't as excited..
I love his eyes, "help!" She just looked so darn cute :)Sleeping pics! Bet you thought those were over! Ha!Crazy girl.Don't know if anyone noticed that Aubrey's eyes have been a little less visible lately, well.. girlfriend got her first hair cut! Ok, a bang trim. And, there wasn't even enough cut for me to save.. so.. I guess I won't really count this as her first :)
Waiting for Aunt Emmy. So nice to have our own personal hair stylist!! Snippin away!Can't tell much of a difference in this pic, but, there is! Thanks Emmy! :)

Completely unrelated, is this weather perfect or what?! Man.. welcome fall!!
Get outside and enjoy! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

girls only!


This past weekend me and Aubrey loaded up and met up with the great Jenny for some fun girl time! Her husband and two boys were off at the grandparents, so it was a welcome change to have her to ourselves :)

First, we just hung out at her house for a bit, then headed to this fun and yummy place called Mooyah! Just a great little burger joint.. although, I got a turkey burger! It was delicious!! And, the fries are great too.. totally recommend it :) Then, we walked around the Village at Allen. Really cool place. Which led us to this cute little play area for kids..
A little old timey town :)
Aubrey and Jenny checking it out. (In the very front is a maze shaped like Texas, where all those bushes are)

Aubrey at the bank... yes, I'll take some money please :)

Fill 'er up!

Checking out the train car!
On our way out we let her run wild through the maze! here she comes!It was sooo humid, girlfriend would not put that drink down for nothin!
Yay for Mooyah, playing and Jenny!

does anyone believe me now that my camera might be dying?? these pics just aren't good. :(

Thursday, September 9, 2010

getting caught up!

In Aubrey's new class, the teachers want the parents to be real involved with little projects with the kids.. so, first up: Make an Aubrey!
Our blank slate.As I started to draw clothes on her, I realized how oddly shaped this little cut out is, which made it a bit difficult.
Aubrey "decorating"
She likes to make this face. Not sure why..??
Coloring away!
:)She wanted nothing to do with the finished product! Err.
And, take note of all the wardrobe changes.. this was not done in one setting! Haha.
Labor Day me and Sarah took the kids over to Collin's Granny's house. They have a fun little pool, which Aubrey quickly became a fan of!!
I like this one, its like she's telling the boys "watch me!" :) She was instantly nicknamed "Have No Fear Aubrey".. quite suiting I think!
This pic cracks me up.. she'll hate me one day for it, oh well. I just love her little chunkiness :) And, to end this portion... Aunt Sarah is the one who was initiating her going head first..
Yes, it looks like she is in a lot of pain and that her leg is broken.. and quite possibly her neck. Thanks Sarah.

Aubrey was real quiet in her room.. so I snuck in to see what she was doing.
Shoulda figured she'd be up to something! Haha. I love it though because it just a classic baby picture.
Pretty sure there is one of me floating around here somewhere doing something quite similar! :) Little Sweetie Girl :)

That's all. :)