Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo Shoot!

These were from her little photo shoot a few weeks back. Thanks Brenda! :)

This last picture completely sums up the end of her shoot! HA!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lots of cathing up & pictures!

Ok, so, half the month is gone and I haven't update. Nice.
But its probably because this month has been insanely busy and full of a lot of unexpected-ness!

Let's see, to start April, Marvin's niece had her baby, Cade! And, his nephews wife found out she's pregnant the same day, so thats exciting! I see both of them a lot at work, so, yay for babies!
April 2nd was Lauren Coats 24th (finally!) birthday! A group of us went to Bucca di Beppo (yum!) and then her house for a crazy game of Apples to Apples! Fun night!
Easter didn't quite go as planned. Wasn't able to take her to any egg hunts (the one I wanted to go to with church was on Daniels birthday and then he had her Easter weekend.. bummer!!) Service was really good though! Aubrey was at Daniels till 4pm that day and when I picked her up she was running fever.. so, that wasn't good. She ended up running fever off and on all the way through till monday during the night!! So, I stayed home with her Tuesday and took her to the dr.. ear infection in the right ear. Back on some antibiotics. She seemed much better within a few days.
Oh, the day I took her to the dr, my power steering went out in my car, on the highway! Marvin met me and we took it to a shop to find out its electronic.. so we took it somewhere else and they couldn't figure out the problem. So, with it being in the shop 2 days I get a letter in the mail saying my car is being recalled for power steering! Go figure! And the letter says they'll let me know when the parts are in and to be careful and not to get in a wreck! Gee, thanks. I've called two dealerships, neither have the parts yet.. hopefully this week though! My steering keeps going out at random times.. not fun! Getting a good arm workout though :)

Then, I get sick! Started last Saturday with my left eye bothering me. Thought it was allergies, pink eye, or a stye. Went about my day, that night really started feeling crappy. Sunday skipped church, but then pulled me and Aubrey together because she had a photo shoot planned with Brenda that day! Well.. Aubrey was not her best self, but still got some cute ones. Realized later sunday that going was a bad idea because I ended up feeling worse. Monday went to work and felt awful! Stayed home Tuesday and went to the dr to find out it was pink eye! GRR! And, a 'red injected' throat and fever. Yay. Me and Aubrey both stayed home Wednesday, she had a little fever but seriously slept the ENTIRE day! Went to work for a few hours Thursday but then came home early so Aubrey could stay home to really get well. I was feeling better, so me and Aubrey went out for Natalie's 25th birthday! Half way to 30! LOL. We all went out with her family to Maggianos, yummy! Another fun night!
Friday, felt like crap again, but the eye is continually getting better. I almost didn't go to Pokeno that night, but for some reason around 3:30 really started feeling better! Like, out of the blue felt much better.. really weird. So, I dropped Aubrey off to go to Daniels then got a mani/pedi/eyebrow wax!! SO NICE!! Then off to Pokeno! The biggest turn out yet. Really yummy dinner and a pretty intense game! Good times!
Saturday worked, then had girls night with Sarah, Jenny, Misty and Amanda. Went out to dinner then hung out at Jennys for a while.
Sunday, slept till 12:15!!!! whoa, not sure when the last time I have slept that late!?? Guess I was tired? haha.

Next weekend is Lola's 1st birthday!!

So, been pretty busy. Along with all the other errands and daily needings of life.. I'm pooped.
(pretty sure I'm forgetting something??)

Let's see if I can get a little caught up on pictures?! :)

First, this video is one of my faves! She figured out the lock button and cracked up! So sweet :)

Love this. Sweet friends playing.
Like mother like daughter! Ha!
Picked up Collin and Aubrey early from school one day so we could all go to the park! (I'm such a good mommy/aunt! heehee ) (sure can tell they're family!)She looks SO big!! Always exploring.. Which ones should I wear?? Both!Easter! (keep in my, Aubrey wasn't feeling good!)I just love all the crazy ways she sleeps!
Ok.. see ya in a month! JK! :)