Friday, December 31, 2010

Birthday Girl- Part II

The next day, her actual birthday, it was a mommy&me day! She actually started feeling bad the evening after her party, so, we kinda had a bum around day on her birthday.
We still had fun though :)

Aubrey's last night as a 1 year old!
I tried again for a picture by the sign... don't think it improved much. Along with her is Elmo and a tomato from her new play foods! We were headed out for donuts!
She really wasn't feeling well, didn't even eat her donuts! SO unlike her! So, she just chilled out and watched Sesame Street. {doesn't she look pitiful :( } After a good nap, I thought we take a walk down to the pond to see the ducks.
Never once has she had an issue with the ducks, she loves ducks.. until today. She clung to me and wanted to leave. What in the world?? So, after approximately 3 minutes, we headed back home. Aubrey was real interested in the leaves at one of the neighbors trees, so, we took some pics :)
{let me just go on the record on how much a dislike the substitute camera I'm using! Above pictures had sooo much potential.. :( }

The next day she had her 2 year appt! Her little gown was pretty cute ;)Keeping her occupied.. coloring on the paper on the table! Why didn't I think of this months ago?!
Aubrey is 2'10" and almost 29lbs! Surely did think she would have weighed more though, I think her loss of appetite over the previous week took a toll. Don't think I ever mentioned she had double ear infections! Boo! But, she's all good as of now! :)

Well, that about wraps up all birthday festivities!

Here's to a year full of learning, exploring, talking, potty-ing, tantrums, independence, loving, excitements and.. the unknown!! :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Birthday Girl- Part I

Aubrey's 2nd birthday was great! Everything went perfectly smooth (well, as soon as the party started, I'm always a little wound up before parties ;) I still can't believe I have a two year old. Watching her now she seems so much older, weird how that happens. Her room has even been changed up to fit all her big girl toys, which means there are few "baby" things remaining. I really think I'll lose it when her crib goes. Time just goes waayyy too fast!
Ok,ok.. to the fun!
{no surprise, this is picture heavy.}

My little party girl ready for the fun to begin!

The spread. "A" and "2" themed :) Apple Juice, Animal Crackers, Applesauces...

Rice crispies cut out in 2's
Crackers and "A" cheese.
Watching her friends arrive!

At one point all the kiddos hung out by the door. Apparently its the happening place.
so sweet.
Cutie Caden. Can't you just eat up those lips!?
Lola lovin' the balloons!I think she's got it out for him..
or, maybe just plotting their hug :)
Showing off the cute "A" Natalie so kindly sewed on her shirt for me!

I mean really, does she not look so big??
my sweetie girl.
Lauren S. and I- part of the trio who took pics of the party! Thanks friend!
L-Crew+A :)
Aubrey & I and Jenny & Caden
One of my top favorite pictures of the girls!! I seriously just love their friendship.
Gifts! Aubrey was definitely blessed!

Ok, this isn't the best pic, but, she has been nonstop singing the hairbrush song from Veggie Tales, so, Grandma got her a hairbrush :) (that was a really long sentence.) She really does love that brush!
Chef/Mommy Aubrey! (the kitchen I got her is in the background!)

Sportin' her new 'do!
She was so excited!
Attempting to blow the candles out herself.
(I think this angle is kinda cool... like a fishbowl. Haha)
Calling in backup.

And, the traditional picture next to the birthday sign. I plan on her taking a pic by this sign every year and putting them all in their own album. :)
The sun was pretty bright. She was a little more interested in the balloon. But hey, what can you expect from a 2 year old?!

My sweet Aubrey is two. Officially a toddler. And, becoming such a "big girl". She is talking more than I can keep up with. She loves to sing! She adores her babies, and doesn't know what to do with herself with all the new ones she got. Completely into makeup- about 10 years too early for my liking! She has become so affectionate. I just melt when she lays on me and tells me "lub you mommy". Potty training is in full swing, and she even went in the potty! That hasn't happened in a couple of months :/ She has become my little shadow. Colors anytime she can. Loves milk like her momma, and drinks about the same amount! Gets shy when someone catches her dancing.

She is such a loving and sweet girl and my most favorite person to be with. <3

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I know, I'm skipping Aubrey's birthday, but, I have 3 different camera's worth of pictures to go through! (Mine is still broken, so Natalie, Lauren S., and my mom took some pics for me :) )

Christmas! This year was so much more fun to shop for Aubrey! This is such a fun age and I had a hard time stopping myself. I was real excited about watching her open her gifts, pretty sure she loved them all from everyone!

Funny story, Robert was pretty pleased with what he got for me apparently, so I was curious to see what he got me. Some earings from Target and a shirt from there too. Cute shirt, until I noticed the tag, MATERNITY!! He had shown Emily and Sarah earlier and they both had noticed but said to give it to me anyway and see if I noticed. Duh! At this moment, he's returning it and getting me something else he liked.. I'm a little worried. Guys....

Sarah, mine, Emily and Roberts stockings. I love em :)
Aubrey and Collins. I've yet to find one for her that I love...

Everyone spent the night over here, so, at 7:30 Collin comes in my room to wake me up. I said, "uh, not yet" so he leaves. About 15 minutes later, Sarah comes in. So, I get up and freshen up a bit, Aubrey still sound asleep even with all the noise. Finally, after much coaxing from me, Sarah and Emily, she wakes up! Hopefully this will continue on, I will have no problem when she's five if she still wants to sleep in! Ha! :)

Baby!! She seemed so surprised to see it, even though she had found it and played with it before I wrapped it, haha! (Little back story on this doll, I had one like this when I was little and played with it all the time! Still have it! I would let Aubrey have mine, but, its not in the best condition. They came out in '85, so not surprisingly they aren't made anymore. Well, I just loved them, Sarah had one too, and they both looked like us- blond hair and blue eyes, and brown hair and blue eyes. So, I went online searching for one. Finally found one I like on Ebay and won! It came naked, oops, so thankfully Natalie made a cute outfit for her! They're just the cutest dolls, My Child, you should check em out. :)
Putting on her makeup.. thanks Emily and Robert.. :)
Got this book for .70 cents!! Its really cute too!
Collin checking out all his loot!
Elmo movie Aunt Sha-Sha (Sarah) got her...
We didn't turn it on fast enough!!
Aubrey wanted to play with Collins DS soooo bad.
After all the gifts were opened, Aubrey went into the kitchen to play with the magnets I got her. Of all things...
What a mess.
Sarah got the kids silly string.
Perfect timing on this shot!
She wasn't a fan.
She loves her little stroller!! And, her dress up shoes crack me up!

Can't go out without makeup!
Potty seat!! Now, let's take it to the bathroom! :)
Hope there's not a weight limit! ;)
That night, we went over to Sarahs for dinner and Christmas with my dad.
Don't you love his wrapping, haha!
Really cute little baby, she talks and you feed her. She loves it of course.
The boys putting together Collins missile thing?
Aubrey and G-Daddy

It was a great Christmas! Hope everyone's was too!