Monday, February 28, 2011


So, I have this friend. We met back when I was going to school in Commerce and was working at Red Lobster. She quit RL, met a boy, got married and off she went! :) But, before she up and left me, we hung out quite a bit! Well, her husband is in the Army, which means she moves around a often. Which also means, we don't see each other very much at all. BUT, when we do, its great :)
She now has 2 super sweet and cute little girls. We all got to play together yesterday... and, the weather was just perfect for going to the park. :)

Trying to get a group shot.
(coordination not on purpose, but, likely since they are girls) ;)
Aubrey CarrieKatie
Her girls have awesome blue eyes! We went out to lunch to Jalapeno Tree (yum!).
Alycia had her camera on hand and got some really cute ones of Aubrey- Thanks!
Off to the park! And, had I known we were going there, I would have brought my camera! Grr. So, we took turns with hers, which led to over 300 pics! Don't worry, I only put 200 on here ;)A 3 and 1 year old. Kuddos to you!! :) Carrie climbing the "rock wall".Aubrey trying to climb the wall. Look! She's not terrified!! 30 seconds later...
Good try though. She much preferred pushing both the girls instead!Katie got a kick out it :)My favorite. Little Sister watching Big Sister. coming and going.Aw, kisses for momma. Planning their trip to the rock wall.Doesn't every kid take a rest at the park?? Carrie apparently was not making her way down the slide fast enough. So, after I got on to Aubrey for pushing her, she just stood there with her hands out willing her to "GO! Go down slide!" Nice. Lots of jumping took place.After a while, Aubrey willing agreed to get on the swing with me. She enjoyed it for... a minute. I love the look of our interaction here :)We had a blast, and were so glad we got to share it with some great friends!
Have fun in North Carolina! I'll be planning my vacation stay soon ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who would have thought mid-February would be the most perfect time to go to the zoo!?
I mean really, the weather could not have been better, slightly cool until about 1:00, then it warmed up to a nice 72 probably, with just a bit of a breeze... ahh... heaven. I don't think I'll ever go back if its even 10 degrees hotter! And, it wasn't very crowded at all. It was just the perfect day :)

Here they are, the real animals of the day! ;)
On our way, after a quick donut stop.

Sarah had an idea to take the Dart to the zoo, and after much convincing, I agreed. I'd never been on it, so I had no idea what to expect with Aubrey! But, it actually turned out to be a fun little ride! We left from Mockingbird Station and ended across the street from the Dallas Zoo, not bad!
Immediately upon arriving at the zoo, she wanted out of the stroller and to push it herself. Slowed us down for a bit, then she got over it and took a run for it...
Our first stop was the childrens area. Aubrey played on the slide the whole time, while Collin waited in line to feed the birds.

Aunt Emmy and her mini-me!
Collin with the bird!
Sarah didn't want to stand on the side with the bird...
Some guy, they told him to keep his sleeve closed because the bird will crawl in!
The little "petting" area. These rabbits were 10lbs!! I had never seen rabbits so huge!
Aubrey and her fascination with rocks and water...

Camels are such interesting looking animals! Just makes you wonder what God's thought process was! Haha!
Collin was very into our map, and he wanted to make sure Aubrey was aware of where we were and where we were going! :)
He was very serious.
So, in true family fashion (no pun intended.. ) we all matched! What are the offs we'd all be dressed in yellows and grays?! Can't tell too well in this pic, but, its quite ridiculous.

Off to the reptile house, per Collin's request. We hit everything at the right time, just before we left this lady brought out a snake that you could hold. Collin wanted absolutely nothing to do with it, and I thought Aubrey would have been the same. But, nope. After I showed her it was ok, she all but grabbed it up!
She was trying to pick it up.
And this is when she petted (4 ft tall!
Thought it was cute that the (very odd looking) monkey put its hand up to the kids. Monkeys are so interesting to watch, don't ya think?
LOVE their faces. So typical!
My favorite!

Our next perfect timing, (earlier we also got to see the leemurs being fed), the lion training! This picture shows how close we were, that's Collin's head at the bottom.
Checking their teeth. By the way, these brother lions are already 375 lbs, and are expected to get to 600!
This is also how they check their paws.
Little Kitty ;)
I've decided Giraffes are my new favorite animal! They are so beautiful!

I really like the elephants too :)

Next stop, the penguin feeding!
(horrible glare through the glass, sorry.)
By this point, about 2:30, Aubrey took her blanket and made a little pillow for herself. She had hit laid back mode, and it was nice!!
Though, she perked back up for the carousel ride. And, of course, she just so happened to pick the one that didn't move up and down. And, she wouldn't let me move her. Oh well, she had fun just the same.
Her pick from the gift shop. What are the odds ;)
Headed back on the Dart.
When we got back we got some Cold Stone (yum!) at Mockingbird, and let Collin run around like a crazy person. (It is so weird to see her in this stroller. I haven't used it in months.)
Less than 5 minutes into the car ride home. As soon as they relaxed.. gonners!
All cleaned up and ready for bed!

We had an amazing time. I don't think Aubrey's first visit to the zoo could have been any better.

I would highly recommend taking advantage of the winter prices with the spring weather! :)