Monday, May 31, 2010

Livin' the good life!

This backpack holds all of Robert's/now Collin's/now Aubrey's Hot Wheel cars.

She thought she was so big walking around with it on her :)
I just thought she looked so pretty here. If you look closely you can see little curls hanging down.. how sweet is that?? We went over to celebrate Jake's actual birthday on Sunday.

Goodness, they look SO big sitting and eating at a table!! (on that topic, I returned her highchair to who I was borrowing it from! Now just booster seats or sitting at the "kiddie" table! :(

Swimming! In one of the neighborhoods in Rockwall there is a pool, we knew someone that got us in, it had a whole kid area.. Perfect for Aubrey!!
Thanks Aunt Emmy for the new swimsuit! Love it!
Headin out!

Such a sweetie :)

Aunt Sarah taught her to jump off the side, great.. (looks like she's scraping her feet, but she didn't!)
She finally let me catch her.

Our group. Notice me floating? ;)
Hope everyone else is having a good week!! :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Plan of Action

Lately, for some reason?, I've had a strong conviction about discipline and self control.
Odd? Maybe not.
I think why is because I hate that I really have almost no self control when it comes to eating sweets! I know, who does right?? But really, when I'm at work (bakery!!) I could seriously (and sometimes do!) eat a cinnamon roll with a chocolate milk, throw in a cookie or brownie.. and whatever else I can snack on.
Its just ridiculous.
My clothes agree.
SOO.. I've actually really had a conviction about this (self control is a fruit of the spirit ya know!), and so I've been praying about it.. and for the most part, I've seen a little improvement. Not to say I have given up sweets cold turkey. HA! But, I have been limiting what I eat and smaller portions and so on. Definitely a work in progress! But, I'm trying :)
Tonight I even bought oatmeal- cinnamon roll flavored!! HAHA! I'm pretty sure its still like a 1/3 of the calories of a real one!! And, its oatmeal. Thats healthy :)
And, I've been drinking alot more water. With Crystal Light or just plain. Another good thing. Natalie and I agreed we were going to give up soda.. well, I did. For like 2 days!! I honestly don't drink very much Dr Pepper anyway, so, I don't feel guilty when I do :) (Like that justification??)

Now for discipline.
Well, I think self-control pretty much goes hand in hand with that, but I've thrown in exercise with it.
This whole "revelation" came to me Monday, so Tuesday is when my plan really came into effect.
Tuesday and Wednesday as soon as I came home from work I went down to the pond for 40-50 minutes.
Walking and some jogging.
Would have jogged more one of those days, but there was a creepy guy, and just really didn't feel that comfortable running by him..
Thursday didn't get a chance to go. And, not today either. Oops. But, I plan on going tomorrow!
I've actually been listening to sermons and worship music while I walk! I think that's pretty good too :)

And, I need to get a handle on my finances. Yuck..
I've come up with a way to hopefully keep me organized and more aware of where I'm spending my money. Keeping track of bills. All that good stuff.

So, that's my plan of action!
Wish me luck! :)

Well, here are a few really random pictures that have nothing to do with what I've talked about.
Which is probably good, because those would be weird pictures! haha.

Aubrey loves playing with Collins cars! (which, she says "car" now!) I can't get over how much curls affect your hair!!
Look how long it is wet.. .. and, dry!!
None of the women on my side have a lick of curl.. so, this is all new to me! lol. But, I sure do love it!!

AND, this is the other picture I'm debating on making an 11x14 for this frame I already have.
I just love it :)
So, this one?? OR, the one on my header pic??

Alright, that's all I got!
Let me know what you think about the pics please :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pull out the swimsuit!

This past Saturday was our friend Jake's 2nd birthday! It was a lot of fun, glad we could help celebrate! :)

Some of the boys playing, birthday boy in the orange.Oh, Little Girl..
...Not much improvement in a year!! :)
The little sprinkler was "bubbles", she loved it.

Jake trying to get Aubrey excited! haha
Giving her hugs and kisses, awww :)
Baby Caden got a hold of her hair, Aubrey was not happy about that!
This butterfly landed on me, and this girl (forgot her name??) got a hold of it and fed it Diet Coke! That long yellow part in the front.. its tongue! It rolls back up into its mouth.. weird!

So, unfortunately the bakery is now closed on Mondays due to realllly slow business those days, but, fortunately it allows for me to have more time with Sweetie Petey! This monday we met up with Natalie and Lola for a little shopping at Home Goods (although, neither of us bought anything!) then swimming!! My kinda day :)
Getting a drink, yum!
(the sunscreen got in Aubrey's hair, giving her such a nice hairdo!)
Aw, sweet girls playing so nicely..
until Lola wanted to hold the hose!!
We need to work on sharing.
Wonder where she learned that?? :)Lola loving the water!

Its raining!!
what a pair :)