Friday, November 30, 2012

girl day


I decided to surprise Aubrey with a bunch of little “activities” for us to do after I picked her up from school. She sure was happy once she got home! :)

There’s probably a bit more pictures then needed, but I hadn’t used my good camera in a while and I was itchin to! ;) This is the only phone pic I took, bc I can’t take a pic of us on my camera with the lens I have on it. This one actually turned out pretty cute :)


Set up on the dining table was the snowflake craft (another $1 find!) all of our manicure goodies, and Elf!


And, on the kitchen counter some of the fixin’s for our delicious chocolate chip pudding cookies!!


Surveying everything and eager to get started!

DSC_0227 DSC_0229DSC_0232DSC_0236DSC_0238DSC_0240

She was really excited about the pink, kept saying how beautiful it was, haha.



DSC_0256DSC_0265DSC_0267 DSC_0268DSC_0269

She approved!


And, of course, matching nails ;)


We had a lot of fun! And, now that Philip is home, we’re all watching Elf as I type this… Aubrey is cracking up! :)


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree…


while aubrey was napping one day, i got out all of our christmas decorations.. she sure was happy when she woke up! (ugh, i really to start using my real camera more and not just my phone!) we put on pandpra and listened to christmas songs,started a fire, ordered pizza, and then watched christmas cartoons :)



then the big surprise (that i secretly couldn’t wait to give her! $6 garage sale find!) – her very own purple tree for her room!

IMG_3866 IMG_3867IMG_3868

so sweet.


then, i started on the mantle and finished up our tree. this cruddy phone pic doesn’t do the mantle any justice..


after the first pic i went back and added some more.. the red and gold ball things.


and, the tree. aubrey says constantly, “momma, i just love your tree. its so beautiful!” :))


now, for some cold weather to stick around so that it can actually feel like christmas!!!




to start of our thanksgiving festivities- aubrey’s school always has a dinner and program the 3’s,4’s and kindergarten puts on. i love going to this, aubrey is always really excited and its nice to mingle with the other parents of her class that ive come to know :)

posing by her favorite tree.


here they come!


she was a little indian.. and of course she just stood there 99% of the time. oh well, she was cute anyway ;)

IMG_3813  IMG_3815

aubrey made a cute little turkey.. which she loved making. gotta love quick and easy $1 crafts! ;)


on thanksgiving day, we started off at philips parents.. the weather was really great for the girls to be able to play outside!


aubrey- almost 4


avery- 3 1/2 (she reminds me a lot of aubrey!)


olivia- 4 1/2


sweet girls :)


philip and his dad frying the turkey- pretty yummy!

IMG_3903 IMG_3917

my first ever attempt at making sweet potatoes- and it was a success!!! seriously, they were really good and everyone ate some :)))

IMG_3899 IMG_3916

after his parents, we went to my parents. the sky was amazing driving home, it was changing drastically every minute! at one point, a beautiful sunset, then the next it starts raining a bit and then a rainbow appeared! just one more reason to give thanks to God :)


mom and marvin.. with a plate full of turkey, haha.


our happy little family! :)


“Give thank to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” – Psalm 107.1