Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Well, its 10:30pm, usually way past my bedtime, but seeing as how I can’t sleep anymore, figured this would be a good time to blog! Grr.

So, here’s our life as of lately- mostly all about my girl- as usual ;)

She has been totally into makeup. Luckily, I’ve put it away and she seems to have forgotten about it (for now). This first pose was all her doing! Um, don’t think so! I did her makeup this time- all purples and pinks, her faves ;)


Showing off her bling bling. --- Camped out with all her barbies and blankets. She loves to find little cubbie spaces.

IMG_5924   IMG_5957

I thought nap times would have been fazed out a lot easier and quicker… but, looks like they are still needed pretty often. She has fallen asleep without me telling her to several times. Oh well.

IMG_6061  IMG_6108

We’ve been getting lot’s of play time in with Lola (and Natalie- mommas need play dates too!) These girls are too crazy sometimes! Ha!

IMG_6067 IMG_6070IMG_6094IMG_6102IMG_6099 IMG_6255

And, some fun cousin time! Olivia(5) Aubrey (4) Avery (3)


They loved their Rapunzel hair!

IMG_6123  IMG_6117

Father’s Day. So glad she has such a good example to watch. I have loved watching them get closer and closer. She gets so excited when he comes home from work, usually she’ll hide and “scare” him. Seeing their love grow is such a blessing :)


Sweet curls… but, only when she sweats. Like her momma.


We took some of her little stickers and made earrings. Totally need to see if those are still sold- does anyone remember wearing those stick on earrings?! Loved them! haha


Went to Collin’s 8th bday party at Bounce U. Two rooms full of different kinds of bounce houses and jungle gym type things. Kids loved it!


Went to the library for “Creature Teacher”. Way more kids than I thought were going to be there. She showed some pretty cool animals, some I’d never seen before. Aubrey loved it and wanted to touch them all! Though, could only touch the snake and chinchilla.

IMG_6139    IMG_6140 IMG_6146IMG_6151

Sweet moment. ---- She’s been really into taking pics together and says “Take a picture, it will be so cute!” :)

IMG_6154  IMG_6156

More of her doing. All her ideas. She’s an interesting one ;)


We met Sarah, Jeff and Collin for dinner.. this is how she left the house. Again, all her choosing. :)

IMG_6164  IMG_6168

Decided to try out the Mesquite Aquatic Center/Pool..whatever it’s called. Wasn’t too bad! Great kiddie area! Though, I’d like to go back on a little less crowded day.

(the first pic was supposed to include Philip.. my aim wasn’t too good. haha)


We love naps and snuggle time.


Unfortunately, Aubrey wasn’t with us this year for 4th of July (boo!) but, we got a sweet invite to the lake from Natalie! (Thanks!) It was nice to get away and hang with friends. And, the weather was amazing!! First time it wasn’t over 100 degrees- what?! 


Me and my cutie, who is getting wayyyy too big!! Love that boy :)


Well, guess that’s pretty much it. (At least, in picture form)

Happenings with little baby--

Still can’t sleep. At all. Super annoying.

Going to the bathroom a million times a day.

Still pretty emotional.

Appetite goes back and forth. Some days nothing sounds or tastes good. Others, I know exactly what I want.

Things that are sweet taste even sweeter.. hopefully that sticks so maybe I won’t want sweets so much!

Still craving fruits, ice water, sandwiches, queso!

Really, have more aversions to foods rather than cravings probably. Been pretty indecisive when it comes to food.

I’ve been pretty out of it lately. Case in point: grocery shopping today, got all the way out to my car after checking out but with only half of my groceries. Whoops. Good thing the bagger kid brought them out to me ;)

No weight gain. Actually think I’ve lost a few pounds. I’ll take it, bc I know they’ll be back!

Aubrey has been sooo super sweet when it comes to the baby! Anytime I’m extra tired or sleepy she’ll say “Is that baby making you feel that way?” all sweetly. She’s been talking to the baby more too. She changes her voice when she does (the baby might be really confused when it comes out! haha) kinda like baby talk, sort of. It’s cute though, I’ll have to record her. But, she’ll say “Its morning time baby! Are you hungry for breakfast? Are you ready to come out?” Sweet girl. Can’t wait to see her in action when the baby is actually here! To help her understand timing, I’ve told her the baby will come after Christmas. So randomly she’ll say, “So, my birthday, then Christmas, then the baby comes!” Love her!

Starting my second trimester now- yayayayay! Better live up to all its hype! :)


Well, it’s now 11:20, guess I’ll try and go to sleep. Or, watch another episode of Friends. :)