Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy New Year??

yeah, way past due on this one. but, now maybe I’ll get caught up since I’m in the current year now Winking smile

This was one of my favorite New Years Eves! Me, Sarah, Amanda and Jenny (and all of those that go with us!) went over to Jenny’s parents for food and games! It was really nice to have us all together to hang out… though, next year either no kids, actually put all the kids to bed.. or us adults won’t be attempting to play any games! Ha! Though, I will say, my sweet baby was the only child to go to bed (well, minus Levi, but he’s an actual baby =) and I put her down at a relatively decent time. So, bonus points for me! Smile I also love that I’m the only one that has a girl.. those boys are crazy! haha
Some of the guys talking.. probably about guns.
DSC_1238Aubrey and Jake were so cute!
<3 DSC_1245DSC_1256
Us girls trying to get a pic. The guys were doing an awful job (how hard is it to take a picture?!) so we took matters into our own hands… though, I still haven’t seen anyone else’s pics..
The next day we all, minus Amanda’s clan, went out to Jeff’s to shoot guns! He has a lot of land, the kids loved it. It was a bit chilly and windy that day, so kinda put a little damper on things, at least for me and Aubrey Smile
DSC_1263DSC_1270DSC_1273DSC_1277DSC_1278DSC_1279DSC_1281DSC_1289DSC_1290DSC_1293DSC_1305DSC_1308DSC_1304DSC_1312DSC_1319DSC_1320DSC_1326DSC_1330DSC_1339DSC_1359DSC_1361DSC_1362DSC_1364DSC_1365DSC_1366DSC_1369DSC_1374DSC_1353DSC_1341DSC_1343DSC_1349I'm having a hard time arranging these pictures with windows live writer.. hopefully the next post will be better! haha. But, at least you get the gist of the weekend :) oh, and when Aubrey was holding that gun, she called it "her liitle baby one".. oh my!!

It was a great time with great friends.. started the year off right! :)