Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful.. for my arist :)

This past Tuesday night, Aubrey's school had their Thanksgiving dinner/program. 
This was Aubrey's first year to participate in it, now that she's in the 3's class. 
I always like going to these kind of things :)

 Happy girl!
 They performed one song... and all I got out of it was "gobble gobble" haah!
 Her teachers, that she loves!
 My new favorite way to do her hair, a little braid ;)

 Ok.  So, I'm totally going to brag for a minute. When we got back home, Aubrey started coloring on some junk mail. She showed me what she was doing and I had to ask my mom if she just did this or if maybe it was Collin, because I was shocked that it was her! I mean, maybe its normal for her age to be able to draw like this, but I just had not seen her do anything like this before! These faces are really good- for an almost 3 year old anyway! Eyes, nose, mouth, eye brows and hair- I think? And, that she knows how to make different looking faces.. I'd say that's pretty darn impressive!! :)

Halloween- Part 2

Well, to finally wrap up October.. 
On Halloween, Aubrey and I went over to Lauren's house to trick-or-treat in her neighborhood with Sawyer.
The weather was perfect and the children stayed happy, so a successful night! ;)

A pretty little Butterfly and a cutie little Lamb.
 Group shot!
 And, again :)
 Heading out!
 Sometimes she would be really patient and say "trick-or-treat" and wait for her candy. Other times.. she would knock, and knock again while saying "I want candy!"

 She would always make sure "Baby Saucer" got her candy too, it was pretty sweet :)
 Lauren was all ready, while poor Sawyer was completely covered! haha
 There we go!
She was a little worn out by the end!
 Back to the house already digging in her loot!
Fun Times! :)

Also, turned 26. Had a really good birthday weekend celebrating. Loving how 26 is going already! :)