Tuesday, April 26, 2011

like a true texan

A few weeks ago, my good friend (and, also Collin's Nana) took some beautiful bluebonnet pictures of Aubrey.
The spot we picked turned out to be perfect. This was also Brenda's first time using back lighting- she did amazing! She captured exactly the look I was hoping for.
A huge 'thank you' to Brenda!!

(love that you can see the petals falling)

just beautiful.
and, that little girl ain't half bad either.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Man, so much has been going on lately, I'm so behind on blogging.
I'll skip a few things (but, come back later) and talk about Easter :)

Sunday morning, the family all decided to go to my mom's church together. I actually was planning on going to mine, but.. got a little behind on time. Oh well. The service was nice, although, not the traditional Easter message, which was different.
Aubrey was up earlier than she would have liked, (girlfriend can sleep till 11am, seriously!!) so she was a bit cranky by the time we got home. I put her down for a nap right after lunch, and she slept for a good 2 1/2 hours. When she got up she was in a great mood and all ready for the egg hunt!

Before lunch, in an attempt to calm down a melt down, i gave her her Easter basket.
(i'm still working on doing my own settings on the camera, so, the coloring isn't always great...)

She loves these little stackable colors I got her. After she ate all the M&M's out of the tin, she pulls apart the colors and keeps them in there. It has kept her very entertained, oddly enough.

Showing off her Elmo. (Cookie Monster and Big Bird are in there too)

It was pretty windy, and overcast. She must have her momma's sensitive eyes ;)

I have also deemed this day, Crazy Smile Day.
Now on to the hunt. That lasted all of 2 minutes. Probably because Sarah "hid" the eggs in the grass.

(awful coloring- sorry!!)

It was a very nice, candy filled, and crazy looking picture day!
But, most importantly, of course, we celebrated Jesus' rising
And, what an amazing thing that is, so grateful :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

just the two of us

this past saturday i had a very rare day off of work. i usually work a half day on saturdays, but since i had to work a monday (which we're usually closed on) i was given saturday off!
let me tell ya, i was excited!! :)
the original plans i had made for me and aubrey got tweaked just a bit, since we didn't get out of bed till 9:45 :)
(really, my "saturday" started the night before with me staying up till 11:30 reading!
i don't ever do that anymore! haha!)

so, after we rolled out of bed and pulled ourselves together, we hit up the donut store.. and some sweet tea from CFA, and looked for some garage sales. the first sale we stopped at, i saw the perfect little side table for aubrey. it was already white, just needed a fresh coat. the best part was that it was $2!! as i was about to snatch it up, the lady told me someone else had already claimed it. total bummer! i would have offered her $5 if i had thought about it before i left, haha. we stopped at a few more, but, no such luck. we made our way to Northpark. i decided to get this little journal from my favorite store there! (this journal was really brought to my attention after natalie had noticed it, and got it for valentines. i kept thinking about it, so, i finally got one, too!) i could buy a million things in there. if i had a million dollars.. :) while i was browsing, aubrey found herself a little purse, which she promptly put her cell phone in (which she insisted on brining), and then grabbed about 10 cards off the shelves.. and, a couple other things as well. i had to very sweetly convince her to put all that away so we could go to our next stop. she amazingly did. :) though, she was so cute with the little purse i just wanted to buy it for her. but, it was $15, so i got over it! ;)
on our way out, we stopped at the fountain. girlfriend could have sat there all day! she was so cute and clapped for it saying "good job!" haha.
(yes, some of there were on facebook) after that, we headed over to this cute little playground down the street that i thought would be fun. and it was! :) i was expecting it to be really crowded, but, it really wasn't, which was nice.
now, if anyone knows, or has kept up, aubrey does not like swings. even just a month ago she wanted no part of them. so how in the world she went from being terrified to thats-the-only-thing-she-wanted-to-do!, i have no idea?!

over and over, "push me! push me momma!" really?

love the look of pure happiness on her.

after 30 minutes of swinging, seriously, she finally got up to play.

can't remember if it was this little boy, but, this one kid came up to aubrey and kept saying she was princess cinderella. over and over. aubrey just looked at him like he was crazy and then she walked off! haha! odd...

she has no fear of heights.

seeing how aubrey was getting a little cranky, due to no lunch or nap... we left and grabbed some chick-fil-a for lunch. picking out the best piece :)
as we were waiting for the lady to bring us our ice cream (she offered, but, man alive, she was the slowest person ever! we were not at our usual CFA ;) aubrey climbed up in my lap and layed down, and kept saying she wanted to sleep! we ate fast and hit the door running! ;) perfect ending to a perfect day. :)
love that girl.