Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy :)

These are just some pictures that make me happy.. thought I'd share :)

Cute pair of new jammiesShe was in such a great mood.. which led to a photo shoot! Telling our dog to be quiet! hahaPlaying in her chair before bed one nightCollin pushing Aubrey all around the living room in her new princess car.. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more! haha
I thought this was hilarious- Aubrey took her little snack cup and plopped herself down to watch some Oprah! She just seems so laid back! Want some?She even crossed her feet! Her personality is so much fun lately! I'm loving it! Although, she's being a little more demanding now.. don't love that so much :) Shes getting really good at pointing to the things she wants, which is nice! Love her..

On a separate note, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This year Sarah, Lauren S. and I went to this party.. something that was a little out of our element, so for that, I'm glad I went. BUT, the party was not totally what I was expecting, but, we still had fun! Afterwards, we went back to Sarahs and watched Labor Pains with Lindsey Lohan- please, do not waste your time! haha! Also, that night was the first time Aubrey has spent the night anywhere other than mine or her dads house! She stayed with my aunt, which was totally fine, but I admit, I was pretty nervous!! I felt like I was leaving my newborn somewhere for the first time! I called.. she sent me pics.. it all worked out :) Aubrey ended up having a late night, which totally wore her out today.. she is napping now, so far about an hour and a half! (the second for the day!) Collin also spent the night, so I was happy about that.. someone else shes really used to. My aunt and her fam took them all to a thing at their church and then to Chick-fil-A, where Aubrey ate 4 nuggets and 5 fries! Hungry girl!! The night was a success though! :)

Can anyone believe its 2010?!
Which by the way, does anyone know what to call these past 10 years.. or the 10 to come??? Interesting..

I hope 2010 brings great things for everyone!! :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Oh yeah! I'm blogging again! I'm back on track people! :) (I even have other pics I'm ready to blog about too!)

So this was Aubrey's second Christmas! Can you believe it!? Although.. she was only 5 days old in her first :)
I looked back and noticed I never posted any pics from her first Christmas! I was an amateur blogger then :)

My little chunky in her Christmas pjs! My cousin said she looked like a big present wrapped up.. kinda does :)
(by the way, please take note of her giant baby hands! So crazy! lol)

Ok.. enough reminiscing..

A few days before Christmas we met up with Natalie and Lola to do the girls gifts, and to see Santa.. that did not go so well. First, after we get there our wait would have been like 10 minutes when the girl comes over and tells us Santa is going on break for an hour! Thanks for posting that. Very frustrating. So, I decide to go back later, after an hour wait, which Aubrey did really good, we go up to Santa and she throws a fit! Crying and reaching out for me.. pretty sad. So, that was a nice pic. bummer. Oh well! better luck next year :)

Their first Christmas of many!

A white Christmas!! Who would have thought.. :)
Still waking up while watching the parade
Mine, my sisters and brother stockings- haha! Can you guess which is mine??
(The white bear) :)
Wasting no time!Collin really excited!She loved the mirror I got! She had a death grip on it. I think we may have a problem in the near future! haha! Just opening gifts sittin in a box.. no biggie. This was pretty funny.. I was trying to get a pic of Collin and Aubrey, and of course Aubrey was not cooperating, so I told Collin to get Aubrey to smile, so he yells "Aubrey! Smile!" While he pushes on her and points to the camera! Obviously his method worked. I love this one! She is just sitting there like such a big girl!
Collin got this really cute little set, you can actually color on the table! And, for $18 at Wal-Mart!We had a great Christmas!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Party Time!

My little girl is 1 YEAR and 1 week old! Which means there is lots to share about her wonderful birthday party!
It was a great day! And surprising, everything went pretty smoothly!!
She had a nice long nap that morning, which actually held her over for quite a while, and allowed me to get a lot of last minute things done, thanks baby :)

I was so nervous that I had hyped that day up so much that I was going to end up being disappointed, but, I wasn't! At all! It really was a great day! And, I'm pretty sure Aubrey had a blast too! :)

My little pretty on her big day!
Taking some quick pictures by her cute birthday sign, the start of a tradition :)
some of the yummy food
Cake Bites- hand made! Dee-lsih!! :)
"The Boys" hanging out: Landon, Collin, Braden and Jake
Opening her gifts- she got some great things!!
Look at that face!! I think thats her warning to not get in HER new chair! Ha!
Playing with the maracas Mommy got her :)
Jake was a little upset Aubrey took the maracas from him- it was so sad, and so funny!
Aubrey playing with Miss Lola
She wasn't joking about that chair..
HAHA! Jake was not happy!
Bring on the cake!
Digging in
Giving Mommy a bite
Messy girl
but, loving it!

It was such a great day! Aubrey was in a great mood! And, she was truly blessed with so many wonderful gifts! She is one lucky girl!
I still can't believe I have a 1 year old.. but I'm lovin getting used to it! Its like she has a whole new personality now! And she's doing this crazy new smile thats really cute. Sometimes I am just so overwhelmed with love for her :)

Thank you to everyone that was a part of this super special day!! :)