Monday, August 15, 2011

her favorites.

man, i've really been slacking on blogging.. and picture-taking.
no worries though, i'll be getting myself caught back up, as i have several posts in the works :)

a few nights ago after bath time and a little before bedtime.. we had photo time.
i had been meaning to get some picture of her with her "babies", because she just loves them.

i am a little partial to them too.. since, i am a little on the sentimental side ;)
my dear old friend jenny got aubrey both of them. the little one was at her baby shower, and the bigger one she got her just because she knew she liked the little one so much.
what a great friend :)

funny story about the little one (at least to me), christmas of '10, the fam went out to grapevine to see their parade. i had aubrey in her stroller and she had her little baby with her, but, as we were leaving i noticed the baby was gone. we all started searching everywhere! i was seriously so upset. the next day i even called the city to see if someone turned it in, haha! no such luck. i was just really bummed because it was her first baby and i had tons of cute little pictures of her with it. soooo, it had to have been at least a week (or more?) and i'm cleaning up her room, and lo and behold, theres the baby under her crib!! i was so excited.. and, even more confused! i just could not figure out how in the world it got there, but, i was just happy to see it :) i went and told my mom the miracle of all miracles happened! and, then... oh, a year later or so, come to find out, emily and my mom had been out shopping and saw the exact same baby and my mom snatched it up and hid it in her room- and never told me!! she wanted me to think it was the original so i would still love it the same! haha!! sneaky sneaky. but, i'm just glad she did :)

just wanted to recap that story for memory purposes :)

my baby with her babies.
and, none of these were posed.

(i know she looks sad here, but, she just sits like that sometimes. in her own world.)

what a sweetie.

Monday, August 1, 2011

"I'm a big kid now!"- almost...

disclaimer: potty talk.

Well, one week ago potty training hit full swing!
In order for Aubrey to move up to the 3's class in August she needs to be potty trained (at least more than she is now). I have been working with her pretty hard with it, but, with her going to her dads two different weeks this summer, and the weekends and all that... well, I don't think they were quite as on top of it as I have been! :/ So, basically her teachers at school and I both agreed to start her in panties at school. I had been putting her in panties at night while at home. So, as off last Monday, Little Miss has been in panties full time, except for bedtime. The most amazing thing is, when I picked her up from school on Monday- not one single accident!! Not even during nap time! They even sent home all pull ups with me that morning- strictly panties. I really was shocked. And, no accidents at school the rest of the week either! I mean really, that's pretty impressive. BUT, yes, there is a but, going #2 is another story. Looks like she's been saving that for home... and, in her panties. Grr. I just can't get that girl to "go" on the potty! She's only done it like twice, and its been a while. Even when she does #2 in her panties, she won't tee-tee too. So, I guess that's good? Haha. And, she hadn't had any accidents at all, even at home, until a couple of days ago. She was in the bathroom trying to get everything down fast enough, but, she just wasn't quick enough. So I wasn't upset at all- she tried! Though, Sunday, she had gone at church, but, by the time we were home.. she went right in our entry way! What?! And, today.. went while watching a movie- on my brothers bed- shh!! Those two times, I was upset! I mean, the bathroom is just feet away! She'll go if I take her, unless she just doesn't need to go, but, she will not tell me she needs to go, or just go on her own. Well, maybe 1 out of 10 times. I really am happy with the progress we're making, I never would have thought I'd be going in public with her in panties within the first week!
I just really wish she'd tell me or just go on her own.

It'll happen one day, it has to.

Headed out to get donuts on her first day going to school in "big girl panties"!
She eats the tops of her donuts.

It is so cute to see her in her little panties though.
And, they've been fun to buy ;)

She really is growing up...
I think I'm ok with it this time though! Ha! :)