Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas 2011

I know, I'm just a month late... 

Natalie and I finally got together just a few days before Christmas. 
The girls were much more into this year, which was fun to watch!

 It was cute to see them so into telling each other about their gifts :) 

Then they played outside for a bit, then came back in to color.

 Here are some sweet videos Natalie took while I did the pictures- love those girls!

Now, for Christmas Day! 

All Collin wanted was a pogo stick- kinda hard to tell how excited he was with the goofy grin!
 We had to wake up extra early, 6:30!, so that Sarah and Collin could be a part before they left to Sarah's boyfriends families in Houston. 
Aubrey was not digging it.
 This is how she stayed for a good while!! (which was my favorite present! ;)
 Sarah playing Santa- as usual :)
 She really could have cared less about opening any of her gifts.. kinda sucked. But, as the day went on and she came back to them she was much more excited about them :)
 Collin's cool watch I got him- at least he was excited! haha
 And, back to laying down. She does love those though!
 Collin was being really sweet and trying to help Aubrey out and get her excited..
 Guess it worked, because she was attached  to this for the rest of the day!! A little princess bag with different princess chapsticks- heaven apparently! :)

 Collin realizing he got his Kindle from Jeff and Sarah!

 Now, she's awake and happy :)

 This was a fun one :)

 Later on, after some naps- for both of us!, we got dressed so we could head to Philip's for Christmas with his family. Great time over there! :)

But, a couple of quick pictures of me and my sweetie girl.
 (wish Emily would have told me about my funky bangs..)
 Just love her.

It was a great Christmas, and we were truly blessed!! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Girl!

 Finally, Aubrey's birthday post! 
The theme for this party was purple. Girlfriend is all about purple right now. 
I really didn't do great on getting shots of all the decorations.. or of the party really. 
It was a little chaotic, to say the least.
Natalie made me a CD of the pictures she took (so glad we do that for each other!), though I just put the CD in to go through them... blank! Oops! :) 

Just to set the stage a little, Aubrey was way excited about her party, and had been talking about it since we first started planning. So, when the day finally came, she was ready! Friends started arriving.. along with her cranky attitude. :( 
Possibly poor planning on my part for having the party during her nap time. But, there are days she doesn't take a nap and does great, so I figured this could be one of those days, especially since she knew it was her party! 
I was proven wrong.
Lord have mercy.

 The life of a toddler- never expect anything!! 

Oh well. Better luck next year :)

best friends. 

 picking out the prime cupcakes.
 playing pin the crown on the princess. 
she pretty much cheated. ;)
 trying to get a picture. 
obviously aubrey wasn't having it. 
sweet lola trying to comfort her.
 if nothing else, the drinks were a hit.
 i think jake had three!
 ride em cowgirl!
 lots of great gifts from her great friends!
 some of the decor. 
there was more throughout the house, that i didn't take pics of. :/
  we're up to four yearly pictures. 
a little crazy.
 aubrey kept referring to herself as the "purple princess".
 "baby saucer" (aka sawyer) matched so well! 
and, she's even wearing a baby outfit that was aubrey's! :)
 eventually the party moved outdoors!
 my camera card got full right as she was blowing out the candles! 
gotta get those pics from someone!
 caden :)
 one of my favorite gifts she got, from g-daddy, coloring with water!! :)
 what?! she's smiling?? a birthday miracle. ;)
 who doesn't bowl in a princess dress?
 our effort at a group shot. :)
 well, guess this will be his debut! 
the boyfriend, philip. 
more on him later, i'm sure :)
 good ol jenny!
 another hot gift, her minnie blanket sleeping bag thing. 
too bad she didn't actually fall asleep in it! :)

 And, of course, the annual pic by the birthday sign!
we ended up taking it a few days after her actual birthday, due to bad weather, etc. 
wanted to take it on her party day, but, like that would happen! haha!
such a sweet girl! :)
 momma and her "baby".

Just love this girl! 
Can't wait to see how 3 goes!! :)