Thursday, July 28, 2011


Oh summer, when will you ever end??

I really do feel like this has been one of the hottest summers I can remember.

I know I should probably enjoy summer time more since having a child.. but, most definitely not. I really look forward to all of the activities we can do after summer ;)

What better way to help "cool" down our day than a little water time outside!
Natalie had her backyard set up great for them to play- and play the did!

Sweet friends.
We had to teach them the "best friend" pose :)

trying sooo hard...
sweet baby toes. For some reason, Lola had a bit of a phobia of walking in the yard the day. So, Aubrey held her hand as they walked to the pool. My hope is that they hold each others hand when life becomes the yard, the good and the not so good times. I really hope they become the best of friends (and not just because us momma's want them to!) :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

4th of july... a little late..

yeah i know, i'm a little late on this... it is what it is. ;)

sunday, the 3rd, me and sarah took the kiddos to rowlett for their fireworks festival thing.
it was cute and fun.. but, approximately 1 million degrees with humidity at 500%... so, we only stayed for about an hour and a half.

my little patriotic cutie. :)
this one is a little dark, but, still sweet.
working on our "sweet smile" ;)

back view. ;)cousins.
haha! those faces!
on the 4th, on our way to harry meyers park in rockwall. (yes, she's wearing the same shirt/dress.. i did laundry!)
playing with bubbles.
the life of a child.
and, then she's on the phone.
the coloring on this is totally funky, wish it wasn't bc i really like it.
this isn't bad though :)getting ready to watch the fireworks! this little dinky tree was ahead of us that we were sure wouldn't be in our way, but, of course it was. so.. as we were moving our blanket overt the show really started picking up... and aubrey started freaking out!!
poor little baby was terrified! she clung to me for dear life and kept saying "no lights! scary lights". in her defense, the fireworks were pretty close so it did look like (to her) that they were coming right at us. sarah came over and checked on us (we walked off to the parking lot, and during the finale hid behind a car :( i had no idea this is what she was doing the whole time! (the flash was really bright, and as anyone knows, i can't keep my eyes open with a flash! haha!) my sweet little baby. maybe next year will go better.. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just Peachy!

Last week, we had a first little "play date" with Lauren and Sawyer!
We loaded up in the car and headed out to Ham's Orchard- I had never even heard of this place until just a few days before we went. Glad we went, it was cute little place!

Like all of Aubrey's accessories? Haha!

It was so cute inside, almost like a mini farmers market. But, with pies, breads, jams and fudge along with the fruit! ;)
Lauren & Sawyer.
(Unfortunately, I did not get a pic of me and Aubrey.. she was running around like a crazy person most of the time.)

After we looked around the store, we went across the way to.. Ham's Burgers (and hotdogs).
Let me just say, this was probably the biggest and yummiest hotdog I have ever had! I could totally go for one right now! ;)

I hope these "smiles" are just a faze.
She just enjoyed her company :)
She's a Pepper!! :)
little friends.
After lunch, we got our peach ice cream!!
For what I got to taste of it, it was really good! Aubrey dropped her cone.. twice. So, like the good mother I am, I gave her mine ;)
Back at Lauren's, Sawyer got to stretch out.. which I think Aubrey was happy about :)
Aubrey looks huge! Where did my baby go???
Either that, or Sawyer is just really little. We'll go with that. ;)
Fun day.. ready for the next! :)