Saturday, January 29, 2011


so im pushing 3 weeks now on blogging i think?? geeze. sorry, my comp is nutso, working on getting it fixed!!
LOT'S to talk about, so, hopefully i'll be back soon!!!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Colors by Bows

Looks like bows come in handy for more than one thing :)

Though, looks like we need to work on yellow/white ;)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

makeup artist in training

So, who says a 2 year old can't have make-up??

Oh, ME!!

Sometimes I think my family has it out for me...

This first segment is thanks to Unlce Roberts brilliant Christmas gift.

Here you can begin to see her handiwork.
(she'll love me for this one) ;)
aren't you supposed to match your makeup to your clothes??
Am I supposed to say "well, at least she had fun!" ?? haha.

This portion goes out to Aunt ShaSha.

Nope. She's been chapstick-ed.
And, apparantely, the table needed to be also.
Step 1: dig out all contents of chapstick tube.
Step 2: make sure you dug enough out.
Step 3: lather on like lotion.
Step 4: attempt to smile while your dumbfounded mother captures this "priceless" moment.

Step 5: repeat.
If you can't tell, it was eyelashes, hair, neck, clothes...
she cleaned it out good!

Getting her ready for shower #1 (took 2 before she was completely de-waxed!!), I kept telling her not to touch anything! Almost made it to the shower before she tripped and left this cute little print on floor.
(no, that is not the color of the floor, I had to play with the colors to get it to show the best)

Although, I will say, I really think Aunt Emmy began all this. It started with Emily pretending to put makeup on Aubrey, then, it became the real stuff! And everytime Emmy comes over the first thing Aubrey does is get her purse and says "makeup!"
Oh Lordy.

Needless to say, all makeup/chapstick has been confiscated and put away for, oh.. 10 years?? ;)

She may have made some messes, but... it did make for some fun pictures :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas with the Besties!

Well, better late than never! We finally were able to get together with Natalie and Lola- after both kiddos have been sick for the past few weeks!
On the bright side, we got to stretch Christmas out just a little longer ;)

Lola was so excited to see Aubrey she could barely stand it!
Aubrey, being the less affectionate one, was just fine with one simple hug.
This was about hug #10! :)
Sorry Lola...
The girls playing with Lola's puzzle. Absolutely love this picture.
I love it when we catch the candidness of them having fun together.
Just precious :)
Presents! Aubrey got the cutest Sesame Street shirt!!
And, I got the third book in Jenny McCarthy's little series, "Life Laughs". I've already started reading it, and love it! Seriously, her books are the best for ALL mothers!!
Checking out Lola's loot, an Elmo potty book and an alphabet puzzle!
And, as toddler life goes, they were some issues with sharing. They both of course wanted the same things at the same time. And, Aubrey claimed Lola's blanket and baby and pillow as her own. What happened to our vision of the girls playing ever-so-nicely as us momma's lounged and talked carelessly??? ;)

Love you girls!