Monday, May 7, 2012

the best question


The proposal:

We had been talking about getting engaged for a while, but, he kept saying he had things to get in order beforehand, yada yada yada, so, I figured it wouldn’t be till the summer sometime that he would actually propose. So, in typical date fashion, we decided to go to dinner and a movie at The Harbor. Nothing out of the ordinary. Went to Gloria’s and actually got into a little bit of a heated conversation/debate, that we were both started getting a little annoyed with one another. So, after dinner we had a little bit of time to kill, so again not out of the ordinary, we walked around by the lake. We stopped down by the lighthouse and since it was such a beautiful night, I of course wanted to take a pic. It was little windy.. so after about 8 attempts, we got a winner! And, at that point “Will you put your phone away already?!” That was out of the ordinary! Haha. But, I didn’t think much of it. So, we sat down and I just laid my head on his shoulders listening to the water, then he nudges me up and says “I just have a question for you” and pulls out the ring and says “Will you marry me?” :))) My response: “What?! What! What?”while he stares at me. Haha. Its not that I was undecided, just totally surprised!! Didn’t see it coming that night at all. So, finally I said “YES!” We kissed.. hugged.. a great moment :)

About 5 minutes before he asked.


I was so nervous I guess afterward I didn’t call anyone! We still went and saw the movie, haha. It was nice to just take in the moment together before all the phone calls :)

So, Natalie had been in cahoots with Philp for weeks –so, the last weeks and up until she had her baby- at the hospital when she had Oliver we even talked about when Ithought he would propose, etc,.. she had me fooled. Soo.. Philip told her that he was going to do it that night, so of course, she’d be waiting for a phone call. Well, after we walked back to my car we immediately noticed one of my hubcaps was mussing! Some one tried to steal all of them, but, could only get 1 off. Seriously? Out of alll the cars, mine??? Geeze. So, I decided I’d call Natalie and start off by telling her about my car. She answers totally excited and I start telling her the story.. “What??” “Ohh, that sucks”.. haha. So, we chat for a bit then, “OH, and I’m engaged!” Totally had her, it was great. :) So, we stopped by her house on our way home, where she gave me a sweet card and money for a manicure- awesome :) I got up bright and early the next morning to get one done! haha.


So, then, I went home told my mom and Marvin, they were really excited! Told my siblings- surprised, but excited. haha. Then called Jenny and Amanda and put them on speaker- again, excited! All the excitement really had it sinking in- loved it!

I was going to call Lauren and Lauren (which, totally luckily, Lauren Smith was in town!) but, decided to wait till the next day when I would see them. It was Sawyer’s birthday party, so I didn’t want to “steal the thunder”, so after a lot of hoping it would work out, we all went out to dinner- and Alycia and Joel- bonus! So, after we had all order I had Philip slip me the ring under the table and I casually put my hand out there, with the ring visible. Smith was sitting across from me, so.. she was the first to notice! She looked at it, then looked at me real confused, and I just shook my head yes! She got up and came to hug me, when Alycia got sight of what was going on, then Lauren “What?! Whats going on?” So I turn and show her my hand- her look was great! It was such a fun way to tell them!! Totally sucked having to be around them all day and not say anything, but, so worth it :)



After that, facebook official.


It has been a great 3 1/2 weeks of people finding out, beginning of planning and just starting at my ring ;) 

After we booked our venue and set the date!


Come November 3, 2012- I’ll be a married lady!!!! Whoohoo!!!! :)))